ARCTIC ZERO Fit Frozen Desserts – 6 Pack – Simply Strawberry and Vanilla Maple Creamy Pints

The first of it’s kind, Arctic Zero frozen dessert was designed so you can eat the whole pint and not feel guilty. With between 150 Calories per pint, all natural, fat free, gluten free, lactose intolerant friendly, and 14 grams of whey protein concentrate. Arctic Zero is great for that late night movie or craving. So good you won’t know it’s healthy.

Quick facts

  • 150 calories per pint & All Natural
  • Fat free & gluten free
  • Lactose intolerant friendly
  • 8 grams of fiber
  • 14 grams of whey protein concentrate

Top reviews

A full pint of icy ice cream for under 140 calories

The taste, the strawberry banana – you can taste a mild banana flavor throughout the pint. I would have preferred no banana and all strawberry but the banana is so mild I don’t mind. The vanilla maple you can taste the maple flavor throughout the pint, which I don’t really like. I would have preferred a vanilla flavor (don’t even taste vanilla in this one just maple) or combining the maple with an oatmeal or brown sugar or something else.
This product though is great if you like to eat an entire pint of slightly icy ice cream. As for the packaging, I had mine deleivered to NJ in August. Granted we are having a cool summer but the products were still frozen upon receipt. The only downside to the packaging is they use styrofoam peanuts (I hate) and the box the six cartons comes in looks like it can hold 12 (why not use a smaller box, no peanuts or put 12 in one box without the peanuts?).
KenyattaFive Points, CA

Great Ice Cream!

I love this ice cream! The Peanut Butter flavor is awesome! I am going to try the other 2 flavors next!
KarmaAnabel, MO

Wish you could make your own package

I was very hesitate on buying this but I thought why not give it a shot. I am a HUGE ice cream fan. I go through a half gallon every 3 days :). SO I did end up buying this package and as I thought the vanilla was pretty good, diffidently filling. The strawberry and banana I am not a huge fan of. I wish you could make your own mix and match. I would of much rather of had the chocolate and peanut butter. To give the vanilla a little more flavor, I have thrown in PB2 (bell plantation peanut butter which I am a huge fan of) I have also taken a chocolate vita muffin, made it into pieces, and mix it into the ice cream. The combination is to die for and it is still low calories! I think I may end up buying the chocolate ice cream. I would recommend the vanilla ice cream, however, not the strawberry.
AlexiaNicktown, PA


I was hesitant to try this product since it seemed too good to be true. It is in fact delicious and I would highly recommend. It tastes like the real thing, which I can’t eat mind you because of allergies, and the fact that it’s packed with protein is an added bonus!
KristianGridley, IL

ice cream is my downfall

i have been wanting to try this ever since it became available. I ordered the pumpkin and loved it. The only thing that would make it better is to replace the sugar with stevia, then you could brag that its sugarfree, and it would be even less calories!
KirstinHartford, NY

Great stuff but Price Hike is an OUTRAGE!

This stuff is great. It tastes enough like ice cream to satisfy any but the most fussy and unrealistic of eaters. I’ve read that it tastes like whey protein. I don’t know what whey protein tastes like but if it tastes like this then it’s some mighty good stuff. This hits that ‘cold and sweet’ spot that the best cold deserts hit. I love it. BUT I am outraged at the price hike of over NINE DOLLARS for the 10-pack. I’m looking into alternatives. You can save about 0.40 per carton if you buy the six-oack – execept for the mint chocolate chip – but the price hike is still an outrage.Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert BookKIND PLUS, Cranberry Almond + Antioxidants, Gluten Free Bars (Pack of 12)
MagaretFairview, KY


Very tasty. You would never know it wasn’t the real thing nor how few calories are in it. A bit pricey though but worth it as a treat!
KarissaRobert Lee, TX