ARIEL Non-Alcoholic Blanc Wine

J. Lohrs ARIEL Non-Alcoholic Blanc Wine The wines used to produce ARIEL Blanc are fermented very cold (40º-45ºF, 4º-7ºC) in stainless steel cooperage. Some of the fermentations are arrested by chilling the wine to 30ºF (-1ºC) once the desired alcohol and sugar levels are achieved. Just prior to bottling, the alcohol is gently removed by cold filtration. Varietals ARIEL Blanc is a premium blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, with less than one half of one-percent alcohol. Vineyards are selected based on their emphasis on floral, aromatic fruit character. ARIEL Blanc retains all the natural and delicate flavor of the grapes by removing the alcohol through our own unique and patented method of cold filtration. Technical Data Ethanol: 48.5% Sauvignon Blanc Winemaker Comments A delicate straw color, crisp acidity, and slightly sweet. The floral aromas of lilacs and jasmine combined with peach, lavender and lychee make ARIEL Blanc the ideal wine for afternoon quaffing. The perfect accompaniment to California cuisine, ARIEL Blanc also pairs beautifully with fruit and cheese, shellfish and desserts. ARIEL Blanc is at optimum maturity between six months to one year after bottling, but can be held up to three years before enjoying. 750ml glass bottle

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Totally fine!

I could not find any source for a variety of actual reviews for the Ariel wines anywhere (some from a few wine snob bloggers- what I did read was very, very negative) so I decided to go ahead and review it here. I was infinitely curious about it and finally broke down and paid the $6 to try it myself, anticipating that I might have to dump it.

It is totally fine as the review title suggests. No real off smells or flavors as some report (perhaps more with the de-alcoholized reds?) and the flavor is pretty sweet, but not as sweet as the many juices, sodas, and spritzers I end up drinking as alternatives to alcoholic beverages.

I mix a little bit of home-brewed kombucha to cut the sweet and imagine it would also be good as a spritzer. I’ll probably try the other varieties now but I bet this Blanc is the safest bet.

HarriettCorona, NY