AriZona Arnold Palmer Half & Half Ice Tea Lemonade Drink Mix,32 Oz – Makes 10 Quarts

AriZona Arnold Palmer Half & Half Iced Tea Temonade in a 32 Oz Can. All natural and makes 10 quarts

Quick facts

  • Makes 10 quarts of all natural Arnold Palmer Half & Half
  • No Preservatives, artificial flavors or sweeteners

Top reviews


The stores all carry either the Arnold Palmer Lite(most common, better tasting), or the Zero(less calories, but less flavor). This mix produces an iced tea that tastes like neither of them. Somehow the settling that occurs with this mix, makes it either come out too sweet, or too sour. For one thing, it’s sugar based, not splenda like the lite in the stores. The amount the directions say to mix do not give the drink enough flavor, you’ll use more than the directions say. I bought this once, but will not buy again.
LoraleeDelta, UT

Love this drink

I absolutely love this drink. Though I wouldn’t buy it for this list price. it is 4 something at Walmart.

Though I probably drink this drink way to much but it is a great drink.

i make normally around 12oz of water to 3 generous teaspoons with some ice cubes and it is some of the best things. I personnally rather drink this than the canned version.

I used to make raspberry arnold palmer when ever i go out to eat. sense most the fast food around here have a ice tea and a raspberry lemonaid. though this is a great product i suggest you try it out.

-local tech repair admin

MaybelleToast, NC