Arizona Arnold Palmer Zero, 11.5-Ounce

The name Arnold Palmer has legendary roots as an original beverage combination of half iced tea and half lemonade. Arizona Beverage Co., makers of one of America’s favorite iced teas have teamed up with Arnold Palmer to bring you Arnold Palmer Zero Half and Half. No preservatives. No artificial flavor. No artificial color. Contains 5% juice.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 11.5-ounce cans (total of 138 ounces)
  • No calories
  • Product of USA

Top reviews

Rip off

Having a hard time locating this product in the store we foolishly purchased from Amazon where I have always gotten great deals to pay over 3x the price which we have since found Shop Rite carries..
ModestoGardner, IL

Terrific diet drink

What could be better than an nice icy lemonade/tea on a warm day. No caffeine or sugar, so it fits into most diet plans and it tastes great. Try it, you’ll love it.
WaylonAltavista, VA

Not nearly as good as the original

I bought a couple locally because the price was right, and I liked the original/light versions of Arnold Palmer Half & Half. But this wasn’t very good…as another reviewer said, it’s a little bitter and has an odd aftertaste. Tastes like watered-down tea with artificial lemon flavoring even though it claims to contain juice. I might drink this if I was really thirsty and nothing else was available, but it’s not worth a purchase. Stick with the originals.
AllenClarence, PA

It’s Caffeinated

It is sugar free but not caffeine free. All tea contains caffeine so unless a tea or coffee is labeled caffeine free, you can assume it contains caffeine this product has about 8mg per 8oz serving (source arizona Beverage Companies website)
BreanaRidgeland, WI

Love this stuff

I’ve always enjoyed the Arnold Palmer Lite but that still has more calories than I like to consume from beverages. I recently switched from Mt Dew to Diet Mt Dew so I am on a quest to find as many low or no calorie drinks that I like as possible.
This stuff is great. One of the few drinks that I cannot detect any artificial sweeteners in. To me, it tastes more like sweet tea with lemon in it as opposed to half tea/half lemonade but is still great.
KarissaHolly Springs, NC

Great zero calorie drink

I actually purchased mine in the grocery store, and came here looking to buy more. I dont drink sugary drinks… ever. no soda, rarely some all natural OJ or apple. My diet is mostly water, and for flavor, crystal light(the dieters dream it seems).

I had however, tasted a “regular” arnold palmer with some cousins on vacation in the past, so I knew I enjoyed the flavor(I said I didnt drink sugary drinks, never claimed not to enjoy them). Never went any further because 13g of sugar in 8oz is not how I want to consume my calories.

Wandering the aisles of the store I happened upon this “Zero” version. Im not against some sucralose(at worst its better than the aspartame in crystal light anyway) so I picked up a tall can to try out.

I was very happy with the drink. I am here looking to purchase more obviously. Take my opinion for what it is, coming from someone that is not used to the “regular” version, or sugary drinks of any kind. My tastes are trained to the artificial stuff already. I see other reviews admonishing this as inferior to the “regular” stuff, and I wouldnt doubt it, but thats not the point is it? For a zero calorie drink, I think this is a fantastic option.

WarnerKitty Hawk, NC


This product is bitter and watery. I was very dissapointed that it wasn’t even close to the original Arnold Palmer Lite. Had a funny artificial taste, more like a bitter chemical than a tea drink. I can’t believe they even sell any!
FlorettaMechanicsburg, PA