AriZona Pomegranate Green Tea Iced Tea Stix Sugar Free, 1-Ounce Boxes

Combining the great taste of Pomegranate with the healthy heritage of green tea, you form a delicious and feel-good beverage. Plus, with this mix you get to enjoy all the delicious flavor and health benefits without the guilt of calories or sugar. You’ll also get the protective antioxidants that tea and pomegranate naturally contain, so it’s good for you too. This new on-the-go powder mix is perfect to add to a16 ounce or a 20 ounce bottle of water. It’s convenient in weight, size, and can be transported or stored easily.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 6 (total 6 oz)
  • Sugar free
  • Made with Splenda
  • Makes sixty (60) 16.9 fl oz bottles of Tea
  • More tea content than other iced tea mixes

Top reviews


I was REALLY dissapointed in this product, and the fact that I had ordered so many boxes. I like the Diet Green Tea, and was hoping I could exchange that…but I kind of doubt it. I still have a bunch of boxes, and I don’t know what I will do with them…
FreddyMarquette, IA

its fine, but not at all like the drink

This is just fine as far as powdered drinks go. But it taste nothing like the actual bottle drink tasted. It taste more like cranberry in my opinion.
TannaWoodbury, NY

Good for non tea drinkers too

I was looking for a drink mix I could keep on hand to add to my 24 oz water bottle that was mildly flavored and didn’t taste like chemicals.
I don’t care for the flavor of tea, so I was skeptical at first, but the tea flavor is quite mild and not very noticeable. Now, I’m hooked! I have little packets stashed everywhere.

I don’t use the recommended ratio of water to mix, so I’m drinking a watered down version of the product, but it’s still very flavorful and helps me to drink at least a gallon of water a day.

I really like the Ocean Spray On the Go Sugar Free Drink Mix, White Cran-Peach, 10-Count Sticks (Pack of 12) too, which is a bit sweeter. Since I use 4-5 packets a day, I feel better drinking the AriZona Pomegranate Tea, because it’s made with Splenda and I’ve come to prefer the milder taste.

GemaCowdrey, CO

arizona pomegrante green tea stix mix

This product has a great flavor to it. It’s better than drinking a pop or diet pop. Just wish it came in bigger quanitys.
EugeneDawn, TX

Great taste, Aspartame free!

There are lots of instant, flavored beverage powers out there, some green tea, some not. Arizona instant green tea is the only-tea based instant now that I can find that does not use Aspartame. (I used to buy Lipton instant flavored teas.) When I check others (e.g. Crystal Light, Lipton), they all seem to be using Aspartame, which means I will pass.
I’ve been drinking this for years; I love it!
PaulettaCoyle, OK

Great Tea

The product was shipped very fast and complete. Great company to deal with. Will order again when I run out of tea.
AlexAndover, OH

A healthier, earth-friendly, 25 cent way to kick the Diet Coke habit!

I’ve been drinking 20 ounce diet sodas with lunch at work for years now. Recently, the prices got cranked up from $1.00 per bottle to $1.25. Combine this with recent reports that the phosphoric acid in diet drinks can rot your teeth, and I knew it was time for a change.

My wife likes to buy the 50 pound pallet of Diet Snapple from Costco, but that costs and weighs too much and takes up too much space. Plus, you’re paying for all of that packaging, which isn’t very earth-friendly. Powder stix change all that. I have them shipped directly to my desk at work and re-use my 24 ounce shaker bottle each time. The cost is a mere 25 cents per serving when you buy 60 here at Amazon.

But how’s the product, you ask? It’s delicious and it makes me feel good that I’m enjoying the benefits of green tea. How much, I don’t know, but I know it’s way better than soda. Bye bye, soda!

ElinorLynnville, TN


This is really a good drink. I just don’t like to drink water and this is the next best thing, if not better!
RubieVicksburg, MI

Love this tea

I love this tea, and it is cheaper to buy the big packs from Amazon than individual at the supermarket!
JanayBelding, MI

Great Flavor

hard to believe it could have any nutritional value. great value and prompt delivery. intense flavor can easily be stretched to extend the value.
FaithTroup, TX

Has it’s ups & downs.

Description: A nice blend of herbal & green tea that does not taste artificially flavored.

*No one else has this flavor.
*If you like the mild barely-there taste of Propel Zero, you will like this.

*Food coloring.
*If you are more accustomed to the stronger flavors of Crystal Light, you will have to use 2 packets of Arizona per bottle of water to even be able to taste it. 2 will not be overwhelming but “just right.”

NickolasSandy Hook, CT

My favorite!!!

I love this tea!!! It has a great pomegranate flavor and it is on the lighter side, which is why I prefer it over other drink mixes you add to bottled water. Most of them can be so sweet and heavy. It is green tea, sugar-free, and it is sweetened with Spelnda, which makes me feel much safer than drinking the aspartame sweetened drinks.
HerschelMiddletown, CA

healthier alternative to Crystal Light cherry pomegranate

Have been an addict of CL Cherry Pomegranate for a few years and trying to cut back on artificial sweetners and chemicals. There’s still some in this but feel better that at least I’m getting benefits of green tea. Hope I’m not fooling myself!
LawandaPetrolia, TX

Love Arizona Pomegranate Green Iced Tea

I have been trying to give up drinking sodas for obvious reasons, but I was having difficulty finding a satisfying substitute. But now I have!!! I love Arizona Pomegranate Green Iced Tea Stix. Not only does it taste wonderful – it is sugar free without the horrible after taste!!! This is my new drink of choice and I don’t miss the sodas at all! I will be a fan of this product for life!
MichealOhio, IL

Great stuff

I started buying these in the summer from WM. WM quit carrying them and I went looking for them. Found them at Amazon for a great price.

They are really great, just the thing to make plain old water much better. They are easy to use and very convenient. No muss no fuss. I use 2 or 3 stix a day.

AnnaCoupland, TX

2 teas a day

I love these convenient little tea packs. One bottle of water and I get a great antioxidant blast while working!
SherrillMilton Center, OH

Best taste in an instant tea

I haven’t ordered them from Amazon yet, though the price works out about 10% cheaper than I pay at the grocery store. But these taste great! Much better than the instant teas from Lipton (which don’t dissolve well at all). The Arizona product is flavorful and smooth, with no grit or sediment. Just as good as the bottled version and much cheaper. Yum yum yum!!!
ChereManilla, IA

Arizona tea is the best

I was very surprised at how delicious this tea tasted. I will definitely order more.
SharriWahoo, NE

Great Taste/No Waste!

Why add to the waste…Carry one of these little stix and stir the contents into 16 or 20 oz of water from the fountain or cooler! And it’s SO much cheaper to buy them from Amazon…and easier to find! Searched many stores here – only one had this great drink occasionally. Saw a friend with a bottle of it the other day and wagged my stix at her. She’d paid $1.69 for her bottle of the drink… mostly water. Was AMAZED that she could get the stix and not have to waste so much of her hard earned money! WAKE UP AMERICA!AriZona Pomegranate Green Tea Iced Tea Stix Sugar Free, 1-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)
HankHarbor City, CA

arizona pomegranate green tea stix sugar free

My wife and I drink this tea every morning. It is excellent tasting for a sugar free drink and provides all kinds of antioxidants. I cannot find it in stores in Louisana but only in Texas. Since I live in Louisiana, I have to order it from

Don Williamson

RegeniaRamsay, MT

Tastes great!

This stuff is delicious! The flavor tastes like a combination of grape juice and cranberry juice. It has just the right amounts of sweetness and tartness. The size of each packet makes it perfect for adding to a bottle of spring water, or a bottle of filtered water from home. The little “stix” are very convenient and easy to open. Best of all, it has no sugar, no carbs, and no calories. A great way to jazz up your water without messing up your diet.
AllysonSassamansville, PA