Arm & Hammer Baking Soda 1 Lbs

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda 1 Lbs

Quick facts

  • For baking, cleaning & deodorizing
  • Fresh box for baking

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I paid $7.70 for ONE box. I thought for sure for that price, there would be way more than one. You can get the exact same thing in the grocery store, for less than a dollar. I just cannot believe they charged that much for one box. I was expecting 1 whole package/box of them. At least 8-10 individual ones. Guess that will teach me. So disapointed.
MylesSmithton, PA

Saved by another reviewer

Baking soda is amazing stuff.

So, I almost bought this, in my head picturing the 4 lb box. Then I saw a complaint by another reviewer about how very small the box is and realized that I was making the same mistake as that Amazon reviewer! Thanks, helpful stranger!! I cancelled the order: The price was way, way too high for the same regular sized box available for much cheaper in the departments stores around here.

But, I did later buy a bunch of these little 1 lb boxes in bulk elsewhere online. A box of this does wonders for my gym locker, and a larger box would not have fit. I also like to keep a little box in the kitchen for dishes in need of hand washing that have an unpleasant odor for some reason.

KirstinOil City, LA