Armour Potted Meat, Chicken & Beef, 3 Ounce

Today, Armour offers a wide range of easy-to-make solutions for all of your meal and snacking occasions. Start your day with the great taste of Armour Star Corned Beef Hash for breakfast, enjoy a Treet sandwich at lunch, or have a hearty bowl of Armour Star Homestyle Beef Stew for dinner. Between meals, refuel with America’s favorite Vienna Sausage Brand or spread Armour Star Potted Meat on crackers for a satisfying snack. Armour’s Vienna Sausages and Potted Meat are America’s #1 brands and offer a tasty solution for those on-the-go occasions when you need a portable snack to enjoy on the run. Armour has been feeding families for generations so you know it’s good. And, given today’s busy lifestyles, you’re sure to find a quick, convenient and great tasting Armour Star product to satisfy your craving, whatever the occasion. Remember, Anytime is Armour Star Time!

Quick facts

  • Delicious on crackers or for use in recipes
  • Perfect ingredient for a hearty sandwich
  • Made with both chicken and beef
  • Convenient on the shelf or on the go
  • America’s favorite potted meat

Top reviews

misunderstood product

This often ridiculed product is actually a cheap source of protein with a nice spiced flavor. It makes a great sandwich spread!
LarraineFreeburn, KY

Protein Rich Seasoning

I find this an excellent product to use as a seasoning in soups, beans, or scrambled eggs. It also makes a good spread on unsalted crackers. I find it too salty to use as a spread on things already salted, but subject to that caveat I find it a tasty and nutritious source of protein.
ArnitaMagnet, NE

Misunderstood product

I like this product very much. It is a healthy alternative to greasy pork sausages and bacon in the morning, especially good with grits and eggs, with a bit of butter and a drop of hot sauce. Try it, I believe you will like it.
MitchelDelta, MO