Armour Vienna Sausages, 4.75-Ounce Cans

Armour Vienna Sausage is America’s favorite brand. Try one and you will discover why. Delicious and convenient, Armour Star Viennas taste great anytime. Enjoy right out of the can at home, school, work, or while camping, fishing, or hunting. The entire family will enjoy. Armour and Company was an American meatpacking company founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1867 by Philip Danforth Armour. Today, Armour offers a wide range of easy-to-make solutions for all of your meal and snacking occasions.

Quick facts

  • Pack of forty eight, 4.75 Ounce Cans Packages (total of 228 ounce)
  • Made with chicken, beef and pork in chicken broth
  • Gluten free

Top reviews

Classic comfort food!

Been eating these since I was a child when mom would buy a couple of cans every other month or so. They were a real treat back then and they’re just as good now. Only diff is I can get them by the case from Amazon and have them delivered to my door. What else needs to be said? They’re exactly the same as they were thirty years ago and in this day and age, being able to count on something, even something this small, is a good thing to hold onto. Thanks Armour and thanks Amazon!
RickyHamburg, NY

Tastes Like Salty Tofu, Basically

I haven’t had vienna sausage since childhood, and even then I only had them occasionally, at other people’s houses. These were much less flavorful and much saltier than I remembered. They aren’t bad; they are basically tasteless, much like tofu. I would suggest to anyone thinking about buying these to see if the company markets a low sodium version.

The “pink slime” scare is a bit exaggerated in its details. Still it’s unnerving. However, I had heard so many times from family friends and associates who are Native American and Chinese doctors etc. about how healthful it is to consume more than just the muscle tissue of animals, that I gave it some thought. “Pink slime” does not contain every type of animal part. Notably it will contain some highly beneficial parts we don’t normally eat in the U.S., such as tendons and ligaments. These actually are very healthy items featured in the cuisines of a number of cultures. Not only am I unlikely to sit down to a nice bowl of Chinese beef tendons (which I don’t think I could even chew up), but have you priced these products in the ethnic markets? Very expensive. So, if that’s the case, and these cheapo little hotdogs offer the same thing, then maybe they warranted my reconsideration. That was my line of thought, anyway.

So – something to consider for those who are suffering from ailments such as arthritis or other bone and joint issues. Again though – seriously – look for low salt ones if you want to try them. These are too salty. For me, since I got a lot of them with the order, I will be able to use them rather like a salty condiment added to dishes such as beans.

BradleyRodney, MI