Aromat Seasoning, Universal

Use before or after cooking to meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables. Product of Germany.

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Outrageous shipping costs.

I love the product, however I returned it as the shipping was outrageous – I just could not use “gold dust” I paid over $50 for a $5 item! It was sent by the most expensive means, which was not necessary at all. I have told others about my experience and they just could hardly believe that a little can of spice would be shipped in a big box at that price!!! Oh well, buyer beware.
GennyVinegar Bend, AL

Knorr Aromat Rocks!

We used to buy this from a local, family run grocer. Since they closed we can only get it online; It is well worth it and we are hooked! Fried foods of all types, especially chicken and shrimp are incredible with Aromat! It is great on chicken and fish and even veggies. Not for red meats though. We keep a can on the table and a backup in the pantry. Once you try it, you will too!
YvoneCamp Nelson, CA