Arriba! Party Dips Salsa Con Queso Party Dip, 16-Ounce Jars

Arriba are new to the line of authentic recipes. All uniquely flavored fire-roasted salsas. Salsa con-queso is a perfect blend of monterrey jack cheese. Original fire-roasted medium red salsas.

Quick facts

  • Salsa Con Queso Party Dip-Great with Tortilla chips, corn chips, potato chips, and crackers.
  • Try it with quesodillas or dip for vegetables. See how it livens up leftovers like chicken nuggets or beef tenders.
  • Made with Monterrey Jack Cheese and Arriba! fire roasted red tomato salsa
  • Non-microwavable jar
  • Great with any variety of chip, veggies or as a topping on tacos, nachos, burger or sandwich

Top reviews

Strange taste, strange texture, just plain strange

I wanted to try this and it has a watery consistency and has an odd taste. I would rather just buy some of Newman’s Own or Taco Bell.
MariluCanaseraga, NY