Arrowhead Mills Organic Chocolate Cake Mix, 18.6 Ounce

Arrowhead Mills Organic Chocolate Cake Mix, 18.6 Ounce. Baking is simple and delicious with Arrowhead Mills Organic Chocolate Cake Mix. Quick and easy to prepare, it can be made with flexible ingredient choices and bakes in approximately 25 minutes. As Arrowhead Mills has grown, our brand and our product line have grown with us. Over the years, we’ve added hot and cold cereals, as well as delicious pancake, waffle, cake and brownie mixes; seasonal products; and gluten-free products – all of which taste great and are grown without potentially harmful chemical pesticides and herbicides. Our recipe for success is simple: We remain true to the core values and straightforward business practices on which our company was founded half a century ago. That’s why we purchase many of our wholesome ingredients directly from local suppliers. It’s why we emphasize environmental responsibility by maintaining sustainable farming practices with no potentially harmful chemical pesticides and herbicides, and take decisive steps to shrink our carbon footprint and conserve our planet. It’s why we provide great-tasting grain and food products that cooks, homemakers and busy parents rely on as the cornerstone of their nutritional health. In short, it’s why every day, in all we do, we continue to deliver on the Arrowhead Mills brand promise – simple products, from as close as you can get to home.

Quick facts

  • Quick & easy to prepare
  • No cholesterol, saturated fat, genetically engineered ingredients, or potentially harmful synthetic pesticides
  • USDA Organic & kosher certified, Non-GMO Project verified
  • Bakes in approximately 25 minutes
  • Recyclable packaging printed with non-toxic, water-based inks

Top reviews

Great Organic Cake

I have tried several organic baking premixes. By far, this is the best. Follow the directions and the end product is terrific. What is really terrific about it, is that you can use this mix as a starting point and make some minor modifications to turbo charge the recipe. I use butter instead of oil. I also use two egg whites whipped into soft peaks.
I add two tablespoons of natural vanilla extract. You could add more chocolate. Just melt some bitter sweet chocolate (melted) into the liquid ingredients.

After I have mixed the wet and dry ingredients, I gently fold in the two whipped egg whites. This adds more rise to the cake and makes it more tender.

I do use commercial canned frosting, but you could make your own.

You could feed this to your kids for breakfast. Honest. Think about it. If you use organic eggs, organic milk, organic butter…you have a real breakfast treat. Much better than a chocolate chip store bought muffing.Arrowhead Mills Chocolate Cake Mix Organic, 18.6 Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)

ColumbusSherwood, MI

Not crazy about it

Being a big fan of chocolate and cake and organic products, I thought that this product would just fit the bill. However, I was disappointed that this tasted more like German chocolate than the luscious rich chocolate depicted in the pictures. This was the opinion of my family and friends that we had visiting also (does that count for 6 reviews?). The cake was moist, but otherwise, lacking in real chocolate flavor. Next time I’ll definitely add chocolate chips and/or syrup since I still have five boxes left. I have tried other Arrowhead Mills products in the past that were very good, but this product just does not do it for my family.
ColeRangeley, ME


my husband loves this cake mix.It makes a nice size .bought can icing worked really well.easy to make.thought it was gluten free tho.
LeliaPeck, KS

The best around

We tried this product and were amazed. It tastes far better than any mix we’ve bought in a store. The only negative is that you tend to eat a lot more cake.
MeridithGranton, WI

don’t buy if you trying to lose weight

I love it .. I can not stop eating the cake… very very fluffy, good quality, easy to bake even for somebody who does not bake well at all
ErnestineDes Moines, NM


I made this with coconut milk as a bundt cake. It was great! The batter was favorful and thick and rich. I added vanilla and extra cocoa. Next time I will add more cocoa but I like very chocolatey cake.
MathaTannersville, PA

Arrowhead Mills Chocolate Cake Mix

The best cake mix ever. Just be sure to use butter instead of oil and milk instead of water. Makes a wonderful chocolate cake.
NikoleKilbourne, IL

Friend made it for her party – I was impressed!!

I just attended a 2-yr-old’s birthday party and the chocolate cake was wonderful. I’d feared it would be either one of those ‘shaving foam’ cakes that look nice; or one of those horrible oily cakes that taste of, well, cooking oil. But when I bit into it, it was what I remembered good chocolate cake being like, but never find in cafes etc. Wonderful, honest chocolate flavor and rich texture but not oily. I was surprised to learn that it was made from a mix – this one – and now I’m in despair about my diet …. so tempted to buy it…
CelesteCement City, MI

Delicious Cake Mix

This is a delicious cake mix with a wonderful chocolate smell. The cakes are moist and the rich chocolate flavor is great. The recipe on the side of the box for cake topping is also delicious and easy to make.
ScottieSomerville, MA

Arrowhead Mills chocolate cake mix

This chocolate cake mix is by far the best organic cake mix I have found. The cake bakes up moist and rich tasting. SOO much better than other brands we have tried.
DanialSaint Helen, MI

IT is sooooo fluffy!

I’ve had this cake mix in the pantry for a few months and decided to bake it tonight. Depending on the oven, it might take more than the suggested baking time on the box. Mine took about 35 minutes.

It is very very fluffy. If this was a bread mix, it would be one of the best breads ever 🙂

It is not very sweet, which is great for me, since I don’t like stuff that’s too sweet. And that is why I added a very thin layer of frosting on top.

It’s perfect to have in the pantry, for those times when you feel too lazy to try new recipes and you just want something quick and easy. You can add pecans or walnuts or any other nuts, if you prefer.

I’d say it’s definitely worth the price. A betty crocker mix, full of artificial ingredients is probably at least $2, so for $4 you get a cake mix that is at least organic and free of HFCS.

AnaWillington, CT

Wow, just WOW!

This is absolutely the best boxed cake I’ve ever had. They do not sell this is any stores around me, so I decided to put out the money and buy it on Amazon. I got it shipped next day with Amazon Prime for $3.99 so I could make it for a birthday. Everyone loved it, I will be making this again soon.

Also like other suggested, I used a stick of butter (4oz) and milk with 2 large eggs. I softened the butter first in the microwave for 20 seconds. Mixed that together, then added the powder mix to it and beat until it was nice and smooth. The texture reminded me of thick pudding.

I baked it for about 30 minutes, and it came out perfect.

This cake is to die for, you won’t regret buying this if you’re a chocolate cake lover!
I put chocolate icing by BettyCrocker on it, not too thick but thick enough where it’s just right which made it a lot better.

LienUnderhill, VT

Inner bags broken and compromised food quality

2 of the inner bags were broken by the time it reached us. Amazon thinks this has NOTHING to do with the quality of the product but just a packaging issue, and doesn’t want me to publish my review. But this is powdered food that suppose to be sealed in its inner bag. I wonder either the seller or Amazon can guarantee the food is not contaminated! I don’t have time to ship it back, since my husband’s birthday is tmr, plus I don’t know how to return just the damaged ones, since it comes with 6 packs. If this is only a packaging issue (like the outside packaging is broken), I think it’s acceptable, but 2 broken inner bags? I certainly will never order again!
FeliciaStottville, NY

Best chocolate cake I’ve ever had…

The cake was light, moist, and perfectly chocolaty and sweet. My picky husband, teenager, kindergartner, and toddler all loved it, too! This cake mix is now replacing Duncan Hines in my house.
JazminWallace, NC

Fantastic yummy cake

Made 24 mini cupcakes and a small round cake from the leftover batter last night, and could not have been happier with the result! This is by far the best chocolate cake I’ve made out of a box. Everyone in the household enjoyed the taste, so this is a keeper!
HwaMarmarth, ND