Arrowhead Mills Organic Instant Oatmeal, Original Plain Hot Cereal, 10-Count, 1-Ounce Packets

All natural. Naturally nutritious. Oat, the Enduring Grain. First grown in Western Europe, this gem spread rapidly around the glob. One of the best available natural sources of fiber, our instant oatmeal, from steel cut oats, is the classic hot breakfast cereal. Contains 2 g of total fat per serving. Good source of fiber. USDA organic. Cooks in 2 minutes. Cholesterol free food; Vegetarian; No preservatives; Sodium free. Product of Canada.

Quick facts

  • Arrowhead Mills Original Instant Oatmeal is made from steel cut oats, is the classic hot breakfast cereal — it warms your stomach and feeds your body with organic grain goodness
  • Good source of fiber

Top reviews

Tasty oatmeal with no added sugars!

I wanted a plain wholesome, but fast oatmeal and this is it! I have it every morning and you can mix it with whatever you want. The plus side is there are no added sugars like most instant oatmeals.
FreddieHanover, NM