Arrowhead Mills Organic Yellow Popcorn, 28 Ounce

Arrowhead Mills Organic Yellow Popcorn, 28 Ounce. Popcorn, a traditional favorite snack for young and old. This organic yellow variety can be popped and made into popcorn balls or something really yummy we call Popcorn Supreme – a crunchy combination of seeds and nuts and honey – and popcorn! As Arrowhead Mills has grown, our brand and our product line have grown with us. Over the years, we’ve added hot and cold cereals, as well as delicious pancake, waffle, cake and brownie mixes; seasonal products; and gluten-free products – all of which taste great and are grown without potentially harmful chemical pesticides and herbicides. Our recipe for success is simple: We remain true to the core values and straightforward business practices on which our company was founded half a century ago. That’s why we purchase many of our wholesome ingredients directly from local suppliers. It’s why we emphasize environmental responsibility by maintaining sustainable farming practices with no potentially harmful chemical pesticides and herbicides, and take decisive steps to shrink our carbon footprint and conserve our planet. It’s why we provide great-tasting grain and food products that cooks, homemakers and busy parents rely on as the cornerstone of their nutritional health. In short, it’s why every day, in all we do, we continue to deliver on the Arrowhead Mills brand promise – simple products, from as close as you can get to home.

Quick facts

  • Just organic yellow popcorn
  • Excellent source of fiber
  • Good source of thiamin & phoshorus
  • USDA Organic & kosher certified
  • A traditional favorite snack for young & old

Top reviews

Very bad quality

Last week I purchased this product and after popping a couple of times I threw it in the garbage (all six packs). This popcorn is old, stale, and many kernels has black spots on them. The taste is terrible.
BibiSharon, SC

Taste is fine, but only 50% pops

Taste is typical of popcorn, but when the kernels pop in my air popper, they are so forceful that they push unpopped kernels out the chute. In the end of popping, about 50% of unpopped kernels have gone unpopped. This makes this popcorn twice as expensive. My local co-op organic popcorn pops so nice and is a good price (just far from my house), I am regretting ordering this product in bulk. Bad mistake 🙁 I will take the drive into town and get the co=ops popcorn over this brand in the future…
LucioPanora, IA

Non-toxic indulgence

Corn is one of the most biologically engineered products on the market. Organic corn is Monsanto-free and less of a guilty pleasure for snacking. We use an air-popper to cut down on the oils needed, though the popped corn really improves a lot with the addition of some melted organic butter.
DeirdreRomulus, NY

Horrible popping corn

This popcorn pops terrible, so many unpopped kernels. I placed it in the refrigerator to absorb moisture. That helped some. The kernels that pop are small. It pops about as good as the US economy is performing.

I’ll never buy it again.

PamilaClarence, NY

Open & spilled bag

One of my six bags was torn open and had spilled. I wanted to ask if the one bag could be replaced, but see no way to do that. I don’t feel comfortable eating a product that was in an open container, so I’m throwing it out. I don’t like paying for something I have to throw out.
SarinaCataract, WI

Doesn’t Pop Well

This popcorn doesn’t pop well. If I add 2x to 3x the oil and a lot of extra popcorn to the pan I get a full pot. Even then it takes forever to start popping and leaves a bunch of burnt kernels. As soon as I use up this order I’m switching back to the organic brand from my local co-op. It costs a little more but that’s made up for with everything actually popping.
LadonnaRay, OH


We prefer organic popcorn and this is by far the best we have found. Like other reviewers, we have had a problem with bags opening during shipment, and have talked to Customer Service about it. Our last order came in better packaging and all six bags were intact.

There is some inconsistency in quality, but we have never had a truly bad batch. All of the bags were within “best by” dates, so can only guess as to the reason.

We’ve popped this popcorn in several different types of poppers:

Microwave, using a Presto microwave popper (with the somewhat hard-to-get concentrators). Pops up very well but does leave quite a few unpopped. Let those settle to the bottom of the bowl and enjoy the rest. Do need to be careful near the end of the batch – dentists love unpopped popcorn.

Stovetop, using a WhirlyPop. Pops very well in the aluminum ones. Only problems have been with the Whirlypop and a tendency for popped kernels to get stuck under the stiring rod and burn.

In an electric popper (another Presto, but the West Bend should work fine too). Excellent results here – almost all pop and taste great. Must confess to using a little more oil than the manufacturer recommends.

In summary, this is a very good organic popcorn. It is as good or better than the other organic popcorns we’ve tried (better than most) and quite reasonably priced with the subscription.

LeshaTeigen, MT

Great results

I used this for the first time last night. The order arrived quickly. I popped 2 cups of raw kernels on a popper that is a metal pot you put on a stove, with a crank that you need to turn while it is popping. Did it with corn oil. it was for a party at church, once a month with jiffy pop brand in the past with the same popper and same proportion of corn and oil.

1. Lots cheaper than grocery store price, and it was delivered quickly.

2. taste was judged to be as good or better.

3. more bulk and less waste than with Jiffy pop brand.

LibbyMedicine Bow, WY

Organic Popcorn

This is the second time I have ordered this popcorm from Amazon and my wife and I really love it. As you may know, corn in general is LOADED with pesticides.
In addition, Monsanto is destroying the world with their GMO products which makes their corn resistant to the pesticide (also made by Monsanto) called Round-up. So once their corn is planted, it can be drenched in Round-up to kill the weeds and the corn still grows. I don’t want to be consuming Round-up when I eat. Nice huh? Sorry for the sidetrack. Just sayin. My point is, it was critical for me that the popcorn be organic for me to even eat any corn period. This popcorn is not only delicious, it is at an outstanding price of less than $1.45 a pound. With this purchase, you get 10.5 pounds of popcorn. I couldn’t find a cheaper organic popcorn than this one. If somebody does, please contact me. Once last thing, use Organic Coconut Oil if you want an extra healthy treat. Coconut oil handles the high heat necessary in making popcorn and is also extremely healthy for you. Tastes great. Don’t even need butter.
JermaineSun City, KS


Good popcorn although I like the Eden’s Organic a little better. I always try to buy and eat organic no matter what type of food is being consumed and this doesn’t disappoint. I use an air popper to eliminate any oil and my only complaint is that there seems to be more unpopped kernels of corn than with the previous Eden’s brand. Overall I think its a good popcorn and would certainly recommend it.
NickolasCashton, WI

mixed review

I had this popcorn airpopped and it was very good. I ordered it myself and since our preference is popped stovetop in canola oil I tried it this way, unsucessfully. I then tried it in the Catamount glass microwave popper and it was a great success!
DarbyOak Ridge, LA

Works Great in our Popcorn Machine

We have a movie-theater-style popcorn machine for our home theater, and this works great in it. I haven’t tried to make it using other methods, but this works just as well as the non-organic popcorn in our machine. We’re very happy with it.
HillaryWalkerton, VA

Does Not Pop Well, at All! Eater Beware- could chip a tooth!

I was so excited to be getting organic popcorn, because I want to get away from GMO foods. This popcorn is horrible, though. We pop it in an air popper, and over half of the kernels are hard, and only partially or not popped. My husband didn’t know that I had bought a new kind of popcorn, and as he was eating it said “What is wrong with this popcorn! It’s horrible!”

I agree. I will definitely buy something different next time.

RufinaRichlandtown, PA

This popcorn has a lot of duds

I bought this popcorn to make in my Whirley Pop. Orville does the best. In every batch of Arrowhead Mills, there are kernels that pop half way. When you bite into them, they are hard.
This can crack a tooth. The price is great, but it is not worth the gamble of breaking a tooth.

Will keep searching for good organic popcorn.

ClarindaShutesbury, MA

Sent an opened bag, taped back together!!!! Unacceptable!

The organic popcorn itself is great, however, as I’ve gotten to the bottom of my bags of popcorn, I realized I was actually sent a bag that had been opened and they decided to ship me the bag of popcorn, with the kernels that fell out, placed inside another plastic bag, simply taped back up. This is completely unacceptable, being an edible item. I paid for new, sealed popcorn kernels, not opened, tampered with kernels. Extremely disappointed in Amazon for this. WILL NOT ORDER AGAIN and has me now leery of all other products I order.
TondaStewartsville, NJ

Best popcorn I’ve ever made at home

My wife & I try to eat healthy chip snacks but most of them are relatively expensive. We switched over to making our own popcorn for an economical alternative… and this particular brand is top notch. Pops super even and very little burned even if cooked well done, even if large amounts cooked at once. We cook ours in a 3 gallon stainless All-Clad pan over gas heat and it’s always wonderful. Weve been through several bags so far and yet to have an issue. We use sunflower seed oil, and as it just starts to pop we add tblsp butter & tblsp ghee… shake and pop a bit… bout half popped salt a little… when done wipe the condensation from inside the lid, salt a little, cover & let cool, fill up 2 gallon ziplock & start over. Perfect cheap snack


NelleWinside, NE

Not your ordinary popcorn

We love this popcorn! We eat popcorn 3 to 5 nights a week, so we always look for an excellent product that’s not overpriced. It is everything I hoped it would be: organic, flavorful, few hulls, and pops with few unpopped kernels. We’re putting this on auto-ship so we never run out. Thanks, Arrowhead Mills! Once again you have produced a product we can trust. And thanks, Amazon for carrying a name I trust.
EloisTerra Bella, CA

Good Stuff

I’m a self-professed popcorn junkie, and am pretty much addicted to the stuff. Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of different popcorn; from microwave popcorn, to air-popped. A little over a year ago, I happened across the “Wabash Valley Farms 25008 Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper” here on Amazon. Very cool gadget, let me tell ya! Since then, I’ve been on a quest for the perfect popcorn to compliment the Whirley Pop. As I get older, I’m beginning to appreciate the more “natural” popcorn varieties, and I suppose that’s what attracted me to the Arrowhead Mills Organic Yellow Popcorn.

I’m no “organic” food expert. I just wanted some good tasting popcorn. And, I feel like that’s what I got. Using the Whirley Pop, with a very small amount of oil, I’ve had great results. I was concerned by some of the reviews stating they were seeing a substantial number of unpopped kernels. This hasn’t been my experience to-date. I’d say the pop-rate is on par or better than any other variety of corn I’ve tried.

As for taste, it tastes like what you’d think “plain” popcorn should taste like. Light, fluffy, and very good. I think, perhaps, a lot of folks associate “natural” popcorn with air-popped popcorn, and I don’t know that that’s a fair comparison. Air-popped popcorn has always tasted sort of…rubbery, to me. Using the Whirly-pop, you still get that great popcorn “CRUNCH”, but without the extra fat, salt, and who know’s what is added to microwave popcorns.

Perhaps that’s the beauty of Arrowhead Mills popcorn. All natural out of the box. The sky is the limit when it comes to “fancying” it up. Want butter, and salt? No problem! Prefer your popcorn plain? Easy as pie. The point is, you are in total control of what, if anything, is added to your popcorn. As someone who likes to occasionally indulge in some *real* butter on my popcorn, this is a nice change of pace as compared to the sickly “butter” that many big-name manufactures use.

Give this stuff a try. For the money, I think it’s a good, healthy choice.

LavadaRoslyn, NY

The best popcorn ever!

We have been using an air popper for quite awhile, and have found it hard to find popcorn that doesn’t just fall into the bowl without first popping. This popcorn never fails to pop, and you get a very large bowl of it (we used to only get a few handfuls with the store bought brands). If you love popcorn without all the calories, this is the stuff to get!
MyriamLaredo, TX

large pops and fresh

I make this in my popcorn popper and eat it with nothing on it. The pieces are huge and fresh, organic to. I worried when I bought it in bulk it would be stale but its great, I got it on subscribe and save.
LazaroOrla, TX

Popcorn as it should be- free of Frankenfood and pops nicely

I recently learned about GMOs- genetically modified organisms, which is a technical way of saying food with added genes from bacteria or a virus or who knows what! And corn, from my research, is almost 95% guaranteed to be GMO unless you buy certified organic. Even then, it’s possible for crops to become contaminated which is scary!

I have been using Arrowhead Mills products since the late 1980s (and did not know until now that they were purchased by Hain) but this product was new to me. I was pleasantly surprised at how much better it is than the standard fare. When popped in a hot air popper:

1) The kernels are large, fluffy, crunchy
2) They didn’t explode all over my kitchen floor like the others I’ve tried
3) Out of two ounces of kernels I had only a few unpopped kernels.

I’m very satisfied and highly recommend this popcorn for good eating and peace of mind if you want to avoid GMOs.

ZackaryBelzoni, MS

Great Buy

This is a really good popcorn at an excellent price.

Organic, which is a great big plus for me, and bears the USDA seal, so it is also GMO free. Doesn’t pop as large as some, but there are very few un-popped kernels.

The only negative at all for me is that the taste is slightly bland.

Well worth a try. I’ll be buying more.

AntwanElk Garden, WV

Non-GMO yummy goodness!

Popped in our Whirly-Pop with coconut oil and only had 5 unpopped kernels. Great flavor without the side order of Atrizine. What more could you ask for? Good deal all around.
AsuncionWarren, AR

Great, fresh popcorn!

I’ve purchased single bags of Arrowhead Mills popcorn for years. But, with respect to freshness, I was concerned about purchasing from Amazon after reading some of the reviews here, particularly in quantity.

I checked the expiry date immediately upon receipt–the six bags had dates for March of next year, which was acceptable to me–and made a quick batch. It produced large, fluffy popcorn, which immediately disappeared!

Highly recommended if you can consume a bag in approximately a week to ten days. After that, like most popping corn exposed to air, this brand tends to produced a lesser volume of popcorn.

LinwoodEastpoint, FL

Great popcorn!

I think this popcorn is great! Pops up big and fluffy. All the bags came in perfect condition.
MaribelWindom, MN

Excellent Popcorn!

Pops extremely well in a hot air popper. Excellent flavor (not a weak flavor), not tasteless like some popcorn. Wonderful texture. I’ve had some popcorn that has the texture of styrofoam, this one is not like that. Yum!
AnaEllerslie, GA

Good popcorn!

On line friends got me hooked on air popped corn, so I keep it around the house in bulk amounts. I’m a fan of Arrowhead Mills Organics, so this purchase was a natural. Very happy with purchase…the corn pops almost all the kernels.
LionelRoseglen, ND

great flavor

I bought this because it’s not a GMO product. It tastes wonderful and pops really big and just like the other famous ConAgra brand, every kernel pops. We are very happy with this product and even more happy that it is safe to eat and enjoy.
MyrtisGaylord, KS

Best Popcorn Ever

We use a no oil popper and this makes the best tasting popcorn ever! Almost all pop and good size too!
ChristalLake Wales, FL

Organic Popcorn

I love this popcorn. It is the best deal out there! It came quickly and we have ordered at least 2 times before.
ShilohKorbel, CA