Artemis Fresh Mix 13oz Can Lamb Dog Food

A careful balance of fiber, fats, protein and carbohydrates to achieve an optimal weight level, A perfect complement to our kibble or just as a tasty and robust meal all by itself, All natural product – no artificial color, dye or bleach, Made in the usa

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  • Size: 13 Oz.

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Dogs on the Lamb

Read the labels of the cheap canned dog foods, and what you see might turn your stomach. Long ago we decided to feed our girls the best of available dog foods to prolong their lives, and keep them healthy and happy. For the most part I don’t begrudge them the extra expense entailed. They don’t have to eat those scrap heap items like necks, feet, undeveloped eggs, bones, heads, and intestines (and a small amount of feathers in the case of chicken) euphemistically called “animal byproducts.” I read ingredient lists carefully so nobody can pull the wool over my eyes.

The label on the can of Artemis lamb looks like something found on people food, a pastel yellow background with a graphic of fresh foods like: tomato, lamb chops, carrots, greens, peas, fish and POTATOES. Below the attractive picture is the caption ” home cook meal with natural broth.” Below that ungrammatical caption and the all caps LAMB are the words “Made in U.S.A.”, reassuring words indeed.

The can opens easily with its pop off lid. Though the Artemis is made with broth it’s not runny or mushy, but firm in the can. Bits of veggies peak out from a food that looks almost good enough to eat and has a pleasant, mild smell. Our three dogs took to the canned lamb immediately and ate it with gusto. Since the canned food is so prohibitively expensive we give each of the girls a tablespoonful of it to add some interest to their plate of dry Artemis. This works out well for everyone because I like them to have mostly dry kibble for dental health and the added ingredients in the dry formula. Using this procedure a 13 oz can lasts us about three days.

Artemis products have a 100% guarantee from the company. If the customer or pet is not satisfied, return the product with proof of purchase to the place of purchase for a replacement or refund.

We feel confident and not the least bit sheepish about feeding our girls a quality food made by Artemis, a food with wholesome natural ingredients formulated for their needs.
A mutt on Artemis is a happy canine.

SeritaTrenton, OH