Artisan Salt Co. Fumee De Sel Chardonnay Oak Smoked Sea Salt, 7.5 Ounce Jar

Artisan Salt Co. FumTe De Sel Chardonnay Oak Smoked Sea Salt — 7.5 oz. FumTe de Sel is premium Fleur de Sel crystals that are cold smoked with oak wine barrels that have been used for years to age fine Chardonnay wine. This salt is a one of a kind. Use it as a finishing salt on salads, veggies, meat…almost any dish.

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Good stuff!

We had first tried the Salish Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt and REALLY liked it. Based on reviews I decided to try this one as well. In our opinion they are both great but I would have to say at this point the Alderwood remains my favorite but I’m sure that is just due to personal taste.
I use these salts on just about anything you can imagine. I put it in soups, on salads, on vegetables and without question meat.
My husband travels so I eat alone a lot. I can take some chicken breast meat or a few pieces of shrimp toss it in a small skillet and sprinkle a little of this salt on it and it’s just about as good as having it grilled.
Definitely worth trying!
LyndsayBarker, TX

Great Smoked Salt

This is a great smoked salt, naturally smoked over oak Chardonnay wine barrels. This is the third variety of Artisan smoked salt I have purchased and all have been exquisite. I use this salt as a gourmet table salt that has really positively complimented every dish I have tried it with. I tried a different brand in the past that appeared to be made with liquid smoke (trashed it). That is definitely not the case with this salt. I highly recommend this Artisan salt.
CorazonJohnsonburg, NJ


The flavors in this product are absolutely fabulous. Naturally smoked lending a delicate, natural flavor of smoke. The only reason why I didn’t rate a 5 star is that I find the little pellets do not dissolve well into cold dishes unlike the flaked style salts.
ZoeLongton, KS


We use this salt almost every day in some thing. It’s great on oven roasted veggies, scrambled eggs, or something on the grill. I plan on getting more of these for the holidays to give to all of my “chef” friends!
TeresiaCape Charles, VA

Love it

When someone told me about smoked salt, it sounded nuts. Then I read about it in my favorite cooking blog, the author had thought it sounded nuts also, until he tried it. So I gave it a shot, and absolutely love it. I have shared some with friends who are also very pleased with it. One friend told me that she likes to open the lid just to get a whiff of it… now I do too.

The grains are a bit large for me when I use it on steak or veggies, so I put a bit of it in a salt grinder that I have used when sprinkling it on meat or grilled asparagus.

I read about many varieties of smoked salt, and this sounded the best to me. I am sure I will try others.

AgustinaMorris, IL


This was my first time purchasing smoked sea salt; my intention was to use it to top caramel hot chocolate. I used it on a London Broil dish I regularly make, expecting the flavor to be similar to the kosher salt I typically use. This salt elevated the dish, the flavor was subtle and exceptional. Don’t hesitate to buy this, you won’t be disappointed.
VernaMaysel, WV

Nice salt!

I have quite a collection of salts and this one is one of my favorites. I love the smoked salts and this one with the Chardonnay Oak is a really nice touch. The canister is not at all the prettiest, but the salt is great. I do think the company should dress up their bottles. The current design doesn’t do their salt any justice.
MuoiDaleville, IN

Love it!

My husband is sure to let me know when our supply of Chardonnay Salt is getting low. He’s the cook in this house and we love it.
ElaneHamilton, MA