Artisana Organic Raw Almond Butter – 14 oz

Experience the delightful texture and clean aroma of this truly raw, uniquely energizing purée. An excellent source of protein and is high in Vitamin E and Manganese. Add to fruit shakes, cereal, confections or eat right out of the jar…sublime! Made in a facility that processes tree nuts and soy, but DOES NOT process any peanuts, gluten, dairy or GMO’s. Organic, Macrobiotic, Vegan, Raw, Kosher, Gluten-Free

Quick facts

  • Sold by weight, not Volume.
  • Due to density the product may not fill entire jar.
  • Organic, Macrobiotic, Vegan, Raw, Kosher, Gluten-Free

Top reviews

NOT Raw – California Almonds are Pasteurized

As the title says, ALL California almonds are pasteurized (cooked) – BUT, the almond board of California allows them to still be called raw, even though they are NOT raw. This is a company taking advantage of this, and taking advantage of their unknowing customers. Nothing more than a lie here.
LashaunGrass Range, MT

Not Raw Almond Butter

If the government says you can lie, then it’s okay to lie? California almonds are not raw except for a few loopholes, so why is this company saying these are raw when they’re not? Because the USDA says they can!
Trader Joe’s uses the same “legal lie” about their almonds and almond butters but that doesn’t make it right.
Artisana, the manufacturer says the process of making the butter only reaches 115 degrees but they leave out the part about the almonds are already partially cooked.
You can buy truly raw almond butter from unpasteurized organic almonds but this isn’t it. “California almonds” is the giveaway.
Google unpasteurized raw almond butter if you want the real thing.
SigridBement, IL

Great Taste

I think the negative reviews are a little harsh. This company is not alone in labeling their almonds raw even though they are most likely pasteurized. Is it right. I agree no, but when it comes to almond butter no matter what your choices are going to be either organic or not. So at least you know they are being grown healthier than the alternative.

ALL almonds in the United States are pasteurized. You can go to health food/ co-oop store and most likely find imported raw almonds ( my store has some from Italy), but if you go to Whole Foods they are also going to try and sell you “raw” almonds that are not truly raw. Everyone seems to be in on the mislabeling.

Anyway…google it and get educated if your interested.

If you are looking for a great tasting organic almond butter at decent price you won’t be disappointed with this one. As I scanned the negative reviews I don’t think I remember them commenting that the taste wasn’t great.

For what’s it’s worth I tried Vitamixing my imported truly raw almonds to make my own almond butter, but still doesn’t taste as good as this.

DebiGrand Portage, MN

Best taste

Have tried several different brands of nut butters – this is the best tasting one yet. There is less oil separation than other brands, but the real advantage is the taste – very fresh tasting, hard to do it justice in words. I don’t go out of my way to use organic products, but this is a winner.
CorrineRose Hill, KS

Great taste! ( pasteurized? )

After reading the bad reviews I decided to investigate about pasteurization of Almonds in California..and here is what I found
Are Your Almonds Pasteurized?

Recently there has been much confusion in the popular press regarding the requirement of “pasteurization” of Almonds. We are asked over and over if our Almonds are “pasteurized”.

The answer to this is very complex, and we will be updating information about Un Pasteurized Almonds on a weekly basis. If you want to read and stay current on the legal issues surrounding this topic, then please click here /unpasteurized.htm

Important News About Our Shippable Almond Crop !

D&S Ranches, an Orchard Grower in the San Joaquin Valley of California, has an Important Announcement to make regarding Pasteurization of our Naturally Grown California Almonds! After the Almond Board Rule went into effect we began to extensively research the Best, most Non-Intrusive methods available to reduce bacteria on the skin of the nut without affecting the nut meat itself.

The Good News:

The Good news is that we have found a process that does just that ! This method was developed for the Spices Food Group where any alteration or destruction of the interior of the nut or spice kernel would destroy the delicate value of the item. As it turns out we were able to get this technology approved for application on our Selma California Grown Nut Crop!

How It Works:

The process is very expensive and requires the latest in production technology. It is centered on Water Based Botanical Principles. We call this process H20-UN-Pasteurization. The almonds are held in a chamber that draws down the air to a vacuum, so all the air born bacteria and pathogens are removed from the chamber, then a computer controlled mist of sterile distilled water dry stream is injected in to the chamber. This steam is computer controlled and balanced against the known weight of each nut. As the small amount of Steam condenses on the skin of the nut it transfers only minimal heat energy just to the surface it contacts! The nut meat is never heated internally!

After the dry steam injection, a 4 to 6 second process, the chamber is then evacuated again causing the condensed purified water to evaporate from the skin of the nut. Next the chamber is brought back to normal conditions with HEPA Filtered Air.

This process preserves the internal natural balance of enzymes, amino acids, proteins, and most importantly it preserves the natural living nature of the nut! You can sprout these Almonds !

We are sure you will be very satisified with this process, and as far as we know we are the only Ranch Direct Almond Grower in the San Joaquian Valley of California that is using this expensive, and time consuming process, so that we may bring you the very finest in US Graded Fancy #1 California Almonds !

Please beware of other processes:

We are concerned that there are a good number of other processes out there that are very inferior and some are outright dangerous! The most common is simple autoclave sterilization and this is, essentially, just cooking the nut. After and autoclave process, the nut is no longer living, it is dead, and all the valuable nutrients of the nut have been cooked and destroyed. Unfortunately the Almond Board, under presser from the Big Almonds Handlers, Processors and Growers are calling and labeling, in the stores, these nuts as RAW ! They ARE NOT RAW! They are COOKED !

Other processes are using PPO (Propylene Oxide Gas). You should never, every under any circumstances eat nuts exposed to PPO Gas. PPO is a known carcinogen (causes cancer). It is toxic and poisonous!.. The European Union (EU) has prohibited the use of PPO Gas on any Human Food Product. The USDA and the FDA still allow it. Inquire with your store if their nuts have been exposed to PPO ! Make sure you know! This is serious business.
I will add link to this article

MerriMukwonago, WI

Not Raw

Whether it tastes good or not is not the issue if someone is looking for a raw almond butter. This almond butter isn’t raw. I got some almond butter imported from Italy & it is delicious.
MartaScobey, MS

Sensational taste

I have to admit, I was a bit leary to spend 15.86 on a 16 oz jar of raw almond butter, but I am so pleased that I did. This Artisana 100% raw organic almond butter is delicous! It is very dense and packed with flavor. A serving size is 2 TBSP and there are 14 servings per jar. That provides 187 calories, 16g fat, 6 carbs, 4g fiber, and 7 g protein. I usually try to just have 1 tbsp as a serving though its so good, thats hard to do. I’ve tasted a lot of almond butter over the years and have even made my own in the vitamix (which is a pain to clean up) and this is the best tasting yet. Highly recommend.
AngeloPewaukee, WI

THE Best Almond Butter

Raw Organic Almond Butter from these folks in Berkeley has a naturally sweet flavor, and I find it easier to digest than roasted types. GOOD STUFF!
StefaniPlainfield, PA

Out of this world taste, just a little expensive.

This almond butter is the best I have ever tasted! It has wonderful flavor and texture! It is a little bit on the expensive side, but if you are willing to splurge a little, go for it!
VeronikaBaskerville, VA

Soooo yummy!

I LOVE this stuff. I can understand the criticism from other reviewers regarding the “raw-ness” (or specifically, lack thereof) of the almonds and that is why I deducted a star – the company is misleading consumers with the labeling. If you are looking for a truly raw product – this is not what you want to buy. Maranatha makes a raw almond butter that is tasty. BUT if you don’t care about about whether it is made from raw almonds or not (like me), buy Artisana – the taste of their product is out of this world!
AdelinaWaynesville, IL