Asbach Uralt Brandy Filled Chocolates in Oval Art Noveau Gift Tin


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Nothing like’em!

What’s better than brandy-filled chocolates? Well, yes, maybe a few things… But really, you’d be hard-pressed to stop nibbling on just one of these little delectables when they’re sitting right in front of you. So that’s probably why I don’t buy them for myself; I give them as Christmas gifts. You see, around my house, they’d be gone tout de suite. But no one says that I can’t sample one or two as they get passed around at someone else’s Yuletide function! The only shortcoming to these little tins of tastiness is that there aren’t nearly enough sweets in them! But, that’s probably a good thing in the end, not only for one’s teeth and waistline, but also for the drive home (they contain alcohol, after all!).
EliaVan Tassell, WY

Too tiny, not worth the price

This is a nice looking box but is too tiny, palm size (woman’s palm). It fits only a few candies.
MandaGardners, PA