Ashbys Cinnamon Plum Tea, 25 Bags

The finest blend of pure black teas from Kenya, Ceylon and Indonesia coupled with the flavor of fresh ground cinnamon and the rich essence of plums.

Quick facts

  • Ashbys teas of London was establsihed in 1850 importing and packaging the best teas in the world
  • Available in 25 and 200 individually vacuum packed fresh tea bags
  • Category: Black Flavored Teas

Top reviews

Cinnamon Plum Tea

My sister-in-law loves this tea, and we can’t find it anywhere locally. I bought it for her as a gift and she was thrilled to find a source.
CecileMattapan, MA

WOW -and thank you, again, Lynn!

A dear friend sends me these wonderful packages of treats and the last one contained Ashby’s tea. Fantastic product. Right now, I am sipping the cinnamon plum and it is probably my all time favorite tea (this is coming from a tea lover, probably a tea addict. Really smooth, great blend of flavors, it qualifies as a dessert, it is THAT good.
HellenYellowtail, MT

Best tea I have ever had

I received this tea as a gift….omg…I love it, it is absolutely the best tea I have ever had. I can’t get it locally so i try to order enough for 6 months. I do have a couple other teas I like that I can get locally so I can make it last. Wish I could get it locally, but Amazon makes it really easy! The cinnamon is not too strong, and the plum is delish….if you like flavored tea, you will like this! Have a cuppa!
MistieKempster, WI

Absolutely the best tea ever!!

If you like flavored tea, this is by far the best I’ve ever had. I’ve tried other brands (of the same flavor) and Ashby’s is the best. I think it tastes delicious with a little milk and sugar. It’s more expensive than regular teas and other flavored teas, but it’s worth it if you really love hot tea.
AnnetteCarrizozo, NM