Ass Kickin Habanero Jelly – A delicious Habanero flavored jelly that will enhanc

A delicious Habanero flavored jelly that will enhance any snack time craving.

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  • Habanero Jelly

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Major let down!

OK first of all there is NOTHING ass kickin about this stuff! It is only very mildly spicey; not at all what you would expect from the wonderful habanero pepper. Which brings me to my second point, trust me I know habanero and there doesn’t actually seem to be any in here. There is none of that awesome gutsy taste that I’m used to enjoying with other habanero products. I was expecting a nice mix of sweet and at least medium heat with lots of flavor. All this has is lots of sweet, a very mild amount of heat and basically no flavor. Would not recommend this to pepper lovers!
AjaDellroy, OH


A co-worker turned me on to this jelly a few years back and I just love it! It’s great with biscuits and butter. It’s the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. I highly recommend for everyone to try. You won’t regret it.
JulianMad River, CA