Assorted Jaw Busters

The name “Jawbreaker” is a generic name used by the candy industry to indicate a piece of hard candy. Prior to when Ferrara Pan began making the product, many people in the candy industry also developed a so-called “Jawbreaker”. Once Ferrara Pan became successful with the Jaw Breaker product, they began to establish credibility which led to creating a prominent brand within the company. In the past year, the name Jawbreakers has been changed to Jawbusters, The Original Jawbreakers, to add a new twist to the product.

Quick facts

  • Approx. 54 Pieces per pound
  • Individually wrapped
  • The original jaw busters
  • Assorted colors

Top reviews

Not as good as first batch!

This is the second batch that I’ve received from this company. The first order was fantastic but this second round not nearly as good. The jawbreakers seemed to fall apart just minutes after popping them in my mouth. Shipping was quick and will try again hoping that the next batch will be as good as the first one.
MarylynnPalm, PA


The price couldn’t be beat and received the jawbreakers within 3 days of ordering. I haven’t been able to find jawbreakers in town so was ecstatic to find I could order them online at a reasonable price.
DoriWinsted, MN