Assure Water Goji Lemonade, 12-Ounce Pouches

Did you know that the human body is made of up to 75% water? As we age, that number decreases, so hydrating your body is essential to maintaining good health. Assure Water offers a variety of healthy beverages in delicious unique flavors that are made from a combination of fruit and vegetable extracts. Assure Water beverages are low in calories and sodium, provide optimal hydration, and are formulated for an active lifestyle, regardless of age. Drink Assure and see how good it makes you feel!

Quick facts

  • Rich in antioxidants and packed with electrolytes for optimal hydration
  • Goji Lemonade is fortified with Zinc for immunity
  • Contains natural ingredients, no preservatives or artificial flavoring
  • Light-weight, easy to use and goes anywhere with you!
  • Made in the USA

Top reviews

hard to open

A flat blade screw driver is required to remove the plastic cap, after the cap is removed the juice goes all over the place. Good product, would be great in a glass bottle.
DorianMontgomery, MI

best lemonade

I love the pouch and the Goji Lemoande with Zinc for Immunity is fantastic Vitamin Water doesnt come close to this product so much better
MaireReading Center, NY