Atami Bloombastic 732486 BLOOMBASTIC 80ml EAST 12/CS

All bloom additives in one bottle: booster, accelerator, hardener & flower enhancer. Bloombastic is highly concentrated. Bloombastic stretches the flower cell, increasing intake capacity of potassium. Bloombastic triggers the sugar and bloom production. It creates more compact and heavier blooms compared to competitive products. There will also be an increase in essential oils. Bloombastic simulates the enzyme process which will make your plant less sensitive to stress factors such as: heat, dry air, high light levels, diseases and nutrient deficiencies. Bloombastic contains at least 50% more phosphorus and potassium than competitive bio-stimulants. Contains sea kelp and clay minerals that make it organic based. Delivers a healthy consuming end product. Bloombastic is suitable for all substrates and can be used in hydroponic, soil and coco applications. BLOOMBASTIC MAGIC!!! Bloombastic is the most complete Bloom Stimulator on t

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  • Bloombastic 80Ml East 12/Case

Top reviews

excellent densety

I have used this product for about a year. It will give you really good densety and also helps the plant absorbe more nutriants then it would normally
EmileClinton, MS

Nice “flowers”

This stuff is great for “special plants.” The formula came from The Netherlands and if they don’t know about “flower tops” then nobody does.
WilberMiracle, KY

I love this product

I bought it because a friend recommended it… I wasn’t to fond of the price, but I have to admit. I have had the best fruit, since I started using it. I never had anything look more beautiful, colorful, and full of flavor. Also you don’t really use much of it, so it will last a very long time when used properly. So I say, bloombastic is a go and I will def have it around for a while in my garden.
ChantelSyracuse, OH