Ateco Food Coloring Kit, 6 colors

This set is a great value from one of the greatest names in the baking business – six of Ateco’s rich, lively food dye colors are included here, the kind that professionals use to color their own creations. Perfect for coloring icing – contains black, blue, yellow, green, pink & red certified gel food colors. Made in USA. Ateco products are the result of over ninety-eight years and four generations of development.

Quick facts

  • Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.
  • Six certified gel colors included – black, blue, yellow, green, pink and red
  • From Ateco
  • Squeeze bottle allows precise color control
  • 12-color range
  • Made in the U.S.

Top reviews

Not Organic or Natural despite search on “organic food coloring”

I searched on Amazon using “Organic food coloring” and these were #2 on the list. Amazon needs to list the ingredients online. They are not organic or even natural. They are just regular food coloring. Now I get to deal with returning them.
AveryItmann, WV

Better than liquid color – not as good as paste

I’ve used liquid and paste color in the past and this product seems to be somewhere in between. I had to use quite a bit of the substance to achieve the color I was looking for. In paste colors, you get a dramatic result with just a drop. The Ateco are quite a bit better than the liquid color, and, for the price, it’s probably about right.

The bottom line – You get what you pay for. If you want dramatic colors, you can achieve that using a good portion of the bottle. If you want subtle colors, this may be what you’re looking for.

ShericePonchatoula, LA

Who Needs Wilton?

I’m sick of scads of nasty toothpicks all over my counter when I’m tinting icings; the squeeze-bottle concept is one that is long overdue and exceptionally welcome. The colors are vibrant, do not have an offensive taste, and blend, in my opinion, more smoothly than the Wilton pastes. You’ll need to experiment a bit to get hues right at first, but it’s well worth it.
FloranceLeachville, AR

Very easy to use

This are so much easier to use than the Wilson paste colors. Colors are vibrant, and do not taint the frosting like some colors can. These are simple to use, and do not make a mess. My only complaint is that I did not find these years ago. This is a must have if you decorate often!
KelleLiebenthal, KS

Great color

So far I’ve colored meringues, a cake, and buttercream icing. The colors are solid – not at all wishy-washy. You dont need to use too much though I wouldnt worry about applying with a toothpick as some writers suggest unless you are doing something very small or want a very specific shade. I didnt try mixing them. Very pleased with the results and the set of 6 gives a good range of color/shade options.
EunMingo, IA

Muted colors

I purchased these colors to replace the Wilton gel colors, many of which I find give my icing an off taste. These do not affect the taste of my icing, so get stars for that. But, while they are stronger in hue than the cheap, liquid colors, they are not nearly as intense as the gel colors. I had to add quite a bit of red and blue to acheive purple, and even then, it wasn’t a very vibrant shade. I would recommend simply due to the taste issue, however.
SantinaHyde Park, PA

No Mess.

I love that this has the pour feature. NO MESS like the others. With this you have control of the color.
RoseannaCee Vee, TX

Great for kids crafts!

These dyes create awesome colors for kids crafts. I have used them to make finger paint, paint, play dough, and salt dough.

Another reviewer stated that they are not natural – this is CORRECT. They are definitely artificial dyes. I tried making my own dyes, and when that fell through, these worked great in a pinch. You only need a couple drops for really vibrant color. And they are pretty easy to clean – don’t stain after they’ve been made into whatever craft.

Good product for the price!

KelleeLexington, MA


It’s didn’t work like proper food coloring at all. It ruined my red velvet cake and it is also a very messy product.
RandyGuayama, PR

small, but condensed color

I made brightly-colored cupcakes with these, using only a couple of drops – you don’t need to use a lot to achieve a bright color. My only complaint is that they don’t come with a guide laying out how many drops of what color combination are needed to achieve a specific new color. Other than that, they are definitely worth it and much better than the cheap ones you find at the grocery store.
DwanaSevern, VA

Not good for Easter egg coloring

I bought this set because my niece was obsessed with having a black Easter egg (kids!) long story short, even though I used an entire bottle the coloring of the eggs were not vibrant. Not sure how they would work for baking so that’s why they are still getting 3 stars.
MagdalenFidelity, IL

gel food coloring kit

This is a nice basic selection of gel food colorings which you can make all the basic colors you would need for a beginner. They mix well with frostings and do not make the frosting runny as with liquid colors.
BariCovington, GA


Love this stuff!!! I only need a minuscule about to change color of any cake mix! Going to make my twins a rainbow cake for their first birthday-these are perfect 🙂
EhtelRonkonkoma, NY

great food color!

I’ve used this to color fondant for three cakes so far & the color is really great. You get the depth of the color you are looking for. Just a hint of color gives you so much mileage. Worth the $$ !
LorineCampbellsburg, KY

True Red (White ) and Blue

Sorry I didn’t take a pix of the cake I made. The red and blue were true to form , not baby pink and blue. I will never use the liquid food coloring again.
ChanelDarragh, PA

Very happy

My only complaint about this product is that sometimes it is difficult to squeeze just a very small amount from the bottle into the mixture to be colored. I don’t do massive amounts of baking, and I find that sometimes it is really hard to get a very light color when adding this product to very small quantities of mixture. However, the colors are very bright and I was very pleased to find that the color is evenly distributed throughout the mixture. I thought this product was a little pricy, but after trying it out, I do believe that it was worth the extra money. The product seems of high quality and it shows in my cooking whenever I want to add some color to things.
MadelinePhillipsburg, KS

Love these colors

I love these colors. You can mix them to get different colors. Beautiful! So happy.
AlonsoGum Spring, VA

Pleasantly surprised

I just used these for the first time when decorating gingerbread cookies for a chidlren’s holiday party. Mixed with royal icing, the colors were much more vivid than the normal liquid coloring that I have used in the past and the little containers were extremely easy to use with no mess or fuss in getting the right amount. I am quite pleased with this product so far and look forward to experimenting with more colors in the future.
BernadettePleasant Plains, AR