Atkinson Chick-O-Stick, Sugar Free, 3.75-Ounce Bags

This is the one we’re famous for! Just imagine a delicious combination of homemade peanut butter in a crispy crunchy hard candy shell with mouth watering toasted coconut on the outside. Get a Chick-O-Stick, eat, and repeat!!

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve,3.75-Ounce bags
  • Crunchy peanut butter and toasted coconut candy
  • No transfat
  • No cholesterol
  • Does not promote tooth decay

Top reviews

Sugar Free Chick-O-Stick

These tasted just as I remembered them as a child. Even better, no one else in the family would try them because they said sugar free. They are a bit pricey, but for those on a low carb/sugar diet it may be worth it if you are craving something sweet and chewy.
TericaPixley, CA

Darn good!

I bought these in San Francisco in a candy store, never tried them before. I was amazed at the taste, so much so that I had to go online and order more! Amazon’s price is pretty good: direct from the manufacturer, the cost is just under $12 for six bags…try them, I think you’ll like hem!
JohannePittsfield, NH