Attic Aged Ham Steaks Six 3 to 3.5 oz.

Our Attic Aged Country Ham Steaks are sliced from the center portion of the ham. For those aficionados of aged country ham, we offer 8 oz. center slices. Steaks are vacuum packaged three steaks per package.These ham steaks are also available in approximately 3.5 oz cuts if the 8 oz. steak is too large for a particular meal. They are vacuum packaged 2 cuts per package.Same delicious aged flavor. Naturally aged 7 to 9 months and cured with salt, brown sugar, and pepper.

Quick facts

  • Attic Aged Ham Steaks
  • Naturally Aged 7 to 9 months
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Top reviews

Hamming it up

I am very impressed with these country ham slices. A very high quality prooduct greatly exceeds standard racecar driver ham slices from the supermarket. Great flavor not too salty or too sweet.
VickieWyanet, IL