Aunt Lizzie’s Cheese Straws – 8 oz Bag

A crisp, delicious appetizer or snack, an excellent gift for any occasion! Aunt Lizzie’s gourmet southern Cheese Straws are prepared fresh at our Memphis bakery for delivery to our customers. We use 100% sharp cheddar cheese and all-natural ingredients. No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives are added. We are THE Original Cheese Straw!

Quick facts

  • Gourmet Southern Cheese Straws
  • Excellent as an Appetizer or Snack
  • 100% Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Baked Fresh in Memphis, Tennessee

Top reviews

These are really good

If you’ve never had them, they’re like a cross between a cookie and a cracker. Kind of the texture of shortbread…but savory not sweet.

The low carb version is fabulous too.

ChadBosler, WY

1st Review Written By Employee

If you read the first review and then read the company literature it will become obvious that the 1st review was either written by an employee or was copied from the literature. I will say the cheese straws are the best I have ever tasted. From the flavor to the crunchy feel in my mouth, I am addicted to Aunt Lizzies cheese straws. The negative? Customer service is non existent. An order that was placed on the internet was subsequently lost, even though I received a confirmation via email. I was offered no discount or upgraded shipping, no additional product with my order, no discount on my next order, not even an apology for the 7 day delay. Just an excuse that the email order was lost and that her IT guy would be on the problem tomorrow. Personally, I can count the number of times an email has been lost over the last 10 years on one hand. This is not the first problem I have had with an order. They do not give a tracking number with each order and when asked for one after the order is placed the odds of getting one are 50-50. I have had so many problems with my orders I will go without my Aunt Lizzies cheese straws. I will miss them greatly however I need the hassle associated with ordering them less than I need the cheese straws. ANN, I wish you the best in the future and suggest you participate in customer service training classes to refrain from losing additional customers in the future. FOLLOW UP: I just received an email notifying me that my order shipped on the Aug 9th. I have not placed an order! What more can they do?
RoseanneBentonia, MS

Winner -just like mama use to make

These are perfect, just like mama use to make – maybe a touch better. I am a regular customer and have not had the problem mentioned by the other customer. Just a perfectly lovely homemade cheese snack that are perfect with apples slices when playing cards, snacking, etc.
WesleyGoshen, KY

I Throw Away Other Cheese Straws

First of all, I would like to comment regarding previous reviews. I do not think the first review in 2005 was done by an employee, and that’s not really a fair statement but rather an assumption lacking any real fact or evidence. It seems like a very small company that just enjoys making cheese straws and wants to share them with others. I sincerely doubt that, at the great price they are, the company even makes a ton of profit – which is a shame.

Secondly, after tasting Aunt Lizzie’s cheese straws for the first time this Fall, I will not eat anyone else’s. I literally threw away a package of a VERY POPULAR cheese straw company that I received yesterday as a gift because when I tasted them, they just tasted bland and floury. I could not even bring myself to finish them. I crave Aunt Lizzie’s cheese straws so much. (I recommend trying them with some Shiraz or other wine!)

Our company gave out Aunt Lizzie’s cheese straws as a corporate customer gift this year, and I bet that Aunt Lizzie will have a slew of new customers after that. Thanks, Aunt Lizzie!! πŸ™‚

KimMaugansville, MD

Yummy, but…

These cheese straws are very yummy. Unfortunately, I felt that they were making me gain weight as part of my low carb diet. I gained three pounds in the week that I bought them eating maybe a couple of handfuls a day. So, while very delicious, they may not work well for my diet.

Update: I see that the product Amazon took me to write this review was not exactly the product I ordered. I ordered the low carb tin.

DwanaLamoure, ND