Au’some Candy Bubble Roll Message Maker, 2-Ounce Packages

The Bubble Roll Message Maker is the greatest bubble gum dispenser ever made! This dispenser allows children to make their own secret message that prints directly on the bubble gum. Simply select a letter, press the button, twist forward, and the message will appear! The bubble roll message marker makes an exciting gift for any school age child.

Quick facts

  • Pack of nine, 2 ounce each (total of 18 ounce)
  • Flavors include sour apple stinger, sour blue raspberries, and sour strawberry pucker
  • Print your own message on each roll of gum

Top reviews

Doesn’t Work Well at All

We purchased one of these at Justice for Girls store. The stamp is tiny, impossible to read on gum, and hard to use. We could barely get one letter – certainly not a word or sentence. My 9 year old tried it for 5 minutes and then just gave up. In effect, we paid a lot for some gun and threw away the plastic case. What a waste. Very gimmicky.
KaranWasilla, AK