Austin PB&J Super Snack Pack

Austin PB and J super snack pack comes in a 8 count pack. Ships in certified frustration free packaging. Contains enriched flour, peanut butter, partially hydrogenated soybean, cottonseed oil, cheddar cheese, red pepper, buttermilk. Since 1906, Kellogg’s has provided delicious, ready to eat cereal to help families start their morning right. Kellogg’s cocoa krispies is crispy rice cereal sweetened with sugar and flavored with real chocolate. This low fat, no cholesterol, chocolaty breakfast cereal is an excellent source of essential nutrients. Serve cocoa krispies with milk for even more nutrition, lactose intolerant individuals can try cocoa krispies with calcium enriched soy milk or rice milk. Prepackaged individual servings makes it easy to take this nutritious breakfast to the workplace or to school which means there’s no excuse for missing breakfast.

Quick facts

  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

Just Plain Nasty!!!!

The J in this must stand for HFCS or something. There is NO fruit whatsoever in these dry, dusty, horrible little crackers.

Didn’t help that they arrived almost pulverised, either.

We’ve liked other Austin crackers, but these are simply horrible. It appears that they put a wafer-thin layer of peanut butter, then some sort of artificially flavored sugar mixture on it.

I wish Amazon had published the ingredients first, I wouldn’t have ordered them. Have requested a refund.

VivienWoods Cross, UT

Convenient but taste just OK…

So these are about like any other snack crackers on the market today. There is very little filling between the crackers but that is typical nowadays so I’m not knocking them for that.

You can taste the jelly flavoring but there’s not much on there.

So these don’t blow me away but I am a single bachelor and I take what I can get as far as food goes. I eat these for breakfast, snacking, and for lunch sometimes.

For some reason, they taste much better if you twist them apart like Oreo cookies. Maybe because it’s easier to taste the filling that way since there is hardly any on there.

VannesaAlto, NM

I hated PB&J as a kid. Still do. Love these

Come on, people. You’re eating cheap snack crackers. If you want a gourmet PB&J sandwich, make it yourself. But if you’re looking for a quick taste of fond (or not so fond) memories of childhood. Its a quick tasty snack. Don’t expect floods of grape and mounds of PB. Its just a nice subtle toasted cracker with undertones of PB&J. These reviews are like asking Cheez-It to taste like a fresh bite of Tillamock Cheddar. Ain’t gonna happen. Buy them. If you like ’em, great. If not — feed ’em to the kids or save ’em for Halloween Trick-Or-Treaters.
LacieEast Galesburg, IL