Authentic Foods Dough Enhancer – 2oz

Dough Enhancer improves the rise, texture and shelf life of whole grain baked products. The natural ingredients include lecithin, ascorbic acid and ginger. Lecithin improves aeration, tenderness, and provides resistance to staling. Ascorbic acid and ginger both act as yeast activators allowing a faster rise.

Quick facts

  • Helps gluten free breads taste and feel just like breads containing gluten
  • Improves the rise, texture and shelf life of all whole grain baked products

Top reviews

Dough enhances

I have to follow a Gluten Free diet so I purchased this to help with baked items.
I really don’t see a difference.
KelsiPiney Woods, MS

Great for Gluten Free

This is a great product for making gluten free bread. I use it with the Gluten Free Pantry Sandwich bread mix and it makes a big difference. The bread rises more and the texture is really improved. Also, this company is great to work with and very, very helpful. I am ordering more.
ArnoldoMinneapolis, KS

Okay, but not great.

I was expecting this to work wonders with my bread. I only noticed a little difference, that it made my bread last a couple days longer, but other than that it’s just expensive stuff to throw in you bread dough. I think I’ll try another product next time.
CristieMesilla, NM

Gluten Free Dough Enhancer

This product worked good for me. I am always searching for good gluten free products and I consider this one of them. I think that it improved my baked products. It is certainly worth the try if you are hoping to enhance and improve your gluten free baked items.
IngerWest Bloomfield, MI

best bread

My wife uses Authentic Foods Dough Enhancer on her spelt home made bread recipe. It makes a world of difference. The dough rises about 1/3 more making for a great looking and tasting bread.
DelbertAllen, TX

Great stuff!

I have been using this for the past 6 months or more in my Kamut and spelt breads. I forgot to throw it in the other day and wondered what was wrong with my bread….the texture was a little less moist and the volume was almost a whole loaf less. I realized this stuff must be doing something good so I’m ordering more again! I think it improves the moistness, texture, and overall quality of breads low in wheat gluten such as spelt and kamut.
CordellOwens Cross Roads, AL

It Really Works

I don’t know how or why it should, but it works. I tested it to see if there was a difference between using it or not. What a difference, the loaves were like night and day. One with the enhancer was uniform in it’s bubbles and stood proudly while the loaf without the enhancer was a good deal shorter and had some large holes in the bread. I’ll order some more tonight, I’m not going to do without this stuff. It’s great
TericaSouthside, WV

Good for Gluten Free bread

Making gluten-free bread is much less forgiving than regular bread and you will often end up with a sunken or thick loaf instead of a nice, airy one. Some sort of dough enhancer will help give you better results. Many dough enhancer products on the market are not “vegan” (for those who want to avoid animal products) but the one by Authentic Foods is (they also carry an excellent garfavabean flour that is not bitter like some are). However, you can also get as good, or slightly better, results using apple cider vinegar in place of the dough enhancer – substitute same measurements (for example, 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar for 1 tsp dough enhancer). Still, this is a good product and I recommend it – especially for those who want to avoid using vinegars.
GeorgiannShaw A F B, SC

OK if you shorteb the first rise

Works great if you keep first rise to 1/2 hour. Looses oomph in 2ns rise if first rise is too long.
AdellBoardman, OR