Avoderm Natural Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Formula Adult Dry Dog Food

Vitamin Rich Avocados for Healthy Skin & Coat Optimal fat & protein for energy & stamina Antioxidant rich for healthy immune system Highly digestible formula Healthy Skin and Coat on the Outside Healthy Dog on the Inside As dog lovers and experienced dog owners ourselves, we know that the condition of a dog’s skin and coat is frequently a reflection of overall health. Poor skin health can sometimes be traced to dietary insufficiencies or imbalances. Problems

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  • 30-lb bag

Top reviews

My Canine Urban Princess Loves It

I started buying Avoderm for a cat with a skin problem. She kept licking the fur off her tummy. Nothing worked – even those high-powered pricey foods from the vet.

Then we discovered Avoderm and now it’s my primary food of choice for all three of my companion animals. My dog (the CanineUrbanPrincess) had minor skin issues when I adopted her. She kept scratching. After I switched her food to Avoderm (mixed with some California Natural), she seemed better. Her coat is shiny.

Best of all, Gracie is a dog who eats everything in sight. “Garbage gastritis” is no joke to us. Avoderm (at least the chicken version) goes easy on her tummy.

ChungKokomo, IN

great for allergies!

I am using this for my labrador mix that is extremely allergic to all kinds of foods and it works great on him!!! I got him as a puppy and he would have huge stomach upsets, diarrhea, vomitting, pretty much everything!! I didn’t know what to do with him and I thought he was not going to make it.. However, this seems to be the only food that works for him now. I looked for a good holistic food that I could afford and also easily available so that I can run out to buy it when it’s out. This is found in petsmart so it’s pretty easy to find this food and it works really great for dogs that can not consume corn meal. Also, I have found that his coat is extremely shiny now! I get compliments on it all the time and everyone is always asking me what I feed him 🙂 For the price, I think that this food is pretty awesome and I probably won’t be looking for a new food anytime soon. I’m still looking for a cheap holistic food that does not contain any grains, but I think that will be next to impossible.. 🙁
EdnaElnora, IN