AvoDerm Natural Lamb Meal and Brown Rice Formula Adult Dog Food, 30-Pound

Since Breeder’s Choice began in 1947, we’ve been uncompromising in our pursuit of the healthiest nourishment for the pets we love. AvoDerm Natural was created when a chance encounter with a local farmer produced the idea of combining healthy dog food with the avocado super fruit. The result is history as thousands of pet parents have marveled at the difference AvoDerm Natural has made with their pets. AvoDerm Natural Lamb Meal & Brown Rice is made with quality ingredients with no corn or wheat for all life stages. All our formulas provide healthy balanced nutrition for your dog. High quality ingredients ensure that you are providing the optimal nutrition your pet needs.

Quick facts

  • Premium proteins, no corn, no wheat
  • Antioxidant nutrients to help support a healthy immune system
  • With avocado for healthy skin and coat

Top reviews

Best Ever Dog Food*!*!*!*!*

Have been feeding Avoderm Lamb & Brown Rice to my German shepherds for many years. Makes their coats silky and soft. Saved the life of one of my shepherds who had open wounds, scabs, and welts from allergies of unknown cause. Canine veterinary dermatologist/allergist could not help. Special prescribed foods did not help. Boiled potatoes and fish did not help. Six weeks after starting Avoderm, my shepherd’s skin problems were completely healed and have not returned in eleven years since then. Would not ever consider buying anything else. Amazon.com has the best price anywhere, worth the wait on shipping. Thank you, Amazon.com, for offering this wonderful product at such a wonderful price*!*!*!*!*
MelidaCartwright, OK

Saved my two year old Newfie from having to be on steroids!

My Newfie developed sores and raw patches that special baths,salves, special food and medication would not help.Eventually he was in a cone with shaved hot spots that looked and must have felt just terrible. The vet said best bet was to put him on steroids. He lives in Southern Cal so already not the best environment for him. I did not want to put him on steriods due to side effects and so started researching and found Avoderm. After three weeks of Avoderm Lamb and Rice his sores were healed and his coat beautiful. I also supplement with Halshan Raw Pet food. I am so grateful for Avoderm and so is he and so is our pocketbook!
AlejandrinaWest Union, IL


My dog is a rescue who had mites when I adopted her as a puppy. She continued experiencing problematic skin even after the mites issue was resolved. Her former vet kept her on Rx’s but I knew there had to be a better way so I went to a more holistic vet who suggested an avocado based food such as Avoderm. I discontinued all Rx’s and within a week she was noticeably less itchy and has been for the past 3 years. Her coat stays lustrous even with regular swims in the ocean and baths biweekly. The food itself even looks better than other brands. When set side by side, its clear, the kibbles look cleaner and of better quality. Lastly, this price is UNBELIEVABLE!! I’ve been purchasing it at Pet– which I’d found to be the cheapest ($55), only after I’d accumulated enough of their stupid coupons for spending set amounts of money but this price blows Pet– out of the water. Coupled with Prime shipping and you can’t get better. Thank you Amazon for offering a wonderful product at a great price & with Prime shipping!!!!
DorieRockville, NE

Less Gas

My dogs love Avo-derm food and we love that it is grain-free and as a result they have less gas.
AnnelieseHarlem, MT

dog food decent

Really helped one of the dogs stop shedding, did nothing for the other dog. Both con’t to have good and firm poops.
MarcellusSteamboat Rock, IA