A&W Root Beer

A flavor born of the Wild West and once served in ice cream saloons, the real soda pop syrup has earned it favored status among the rodeo riding set. Even if you don?t have a cowboy for an uncle and there’s no dust in your soul, this bean is an American original.

Quick facts

  • This item come packed in a 1 pound gold gift bag
  • Genuine Root Bear Flavor

Top reviews

authentic flavor

10 pounds of jelly beans is a huge amount, so this is a pretty good deal. As has been the case for some time, Jelly Belly just nails the flavors of their beans. This one tastes exactly like a root beer, very delicious, I reccommend! Also check out the other root beer flavored candy sold at Amazon, or look up my root beer list.
NaomaFifield, WI


This one is nice. I like using it in the ‘recipes’ for a root beer float. Too bad they can’t put the fizz in a jelly bean.
ShannonCisco, GA