Award-Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% Organic Certified, Monocultivar “Nocellara”

“Nocellara” extra virgin olive oil is decisively fruity and has a peppery finish. We refer to it as the “Niagara Falls” of flavor. It is great for dipping as well as for most dishes typically paired with red wines such as red sauces, pasta, legume soups, rich salads, and roasted meats. Furthermore, Nocellara has been included in the list of “Best Olive Oils In The World” by German gourmet magazine “Des Feinschmecker” and Italian olive oil professional association “Mastri Oleari”.

Quick facts

  • Family Reserve, October 2015 harvest. Silver Medal at New York International Olive Oil Competition in 2016
  • Grown, pressed and bottled 100% in Sicily. Made from a single olive variety of “Nocellara del Belice”
  • Hand picked, cold pressed, non genetically modified, 100% organic certified
  • “Nocellara” has been included in the list of “Great Olive Oils In The World” by olive oil advocate and author Tom Mueller.
  • Award-Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil Half Liter Bottle (about 17 oz)

Top reviews

Are these reviews real?

We use alot of olive oil in our family and have tried oils far and wide. I received this as a gift from a groupon offer ($25 “half off”) many months ago and it is good, but does not stand out. I noticed that all of the perfect 5 star reviews pretty much only review this product and it leaves me wondering if these are true reviews or just planted to sell the product, which would not be cool… why not just let real customers review the product? – just pointing this out! Happy holidays to everyone out there.
UlaHornbrook, CA

Oustanding Olio Taibi

This oil altered my whole approach to preparing and enjoying food. Olio Taibi is so delicious that your dinner guests may sneak swigs from the bottle when your back is turned clearing dishes from the table (this happened to me).
JolandaLewisville, AR

olive oil supreme

Those who think they like olive oil are in for a real treat when they taste Nocellara. It is absolutely unique, nectar.
RoyalBasehor, KS

Spectacular EVOO

Taibi’s Nocellara EVOO is amazing. It has a very pure, clean taste with a spicy finish. Best if used on its own with a great bread for dipping, although it can obviously be used in salads or marinades (excellent for fish). It is great to have the ease of finding an oil this good on Amazon….Great gift idea if you are tired of bringing wine.
CindiAhwahnee, CA

Fantastic Olive Oil

I use both the Biancolilla and Nocellara. They are amazing, each in their own way. I use the former for salad dressings, with fish, on tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, etc. The Nocellara is incredible in red sauces and with meat. Bar none, this is the best olive oil I’ve come across. I now order it in batches because we go through so much.
StaceyLowman, ID


I use Olio Taibi for my salads, bruschetta, pane con l’olio and other dishes, it makes the difference. Been from Italy, I can say that this olive oil is of top quality and it’s great that it is sold directly by the producer!
JadeSwoope, VA

Simply amazing olive oil

“In Sicily, we say that planting olive trees is for long-term thinkers. In fact, this is exactly the distinctive character of the Taibi family. It is manifested in the care and attention to details that we put in every step of the making of Olio Taibi. I have vivid childhood memories of my grandfather Giuseppe emerging from the cellar after filling a terra-cotta jar with the green oil made by hand at the family’s olive orchard, then drizzling it on fresh-made ricotta cheese generously spread on a slice of warm, homemade bread. “

-Giuseppe Taibi, 4th generation olive oil producer

RickeyAlzada, MT

Olio Taibi delicious on salad and for cooking Couscous

We served Olio Taibi on salad as part of an Italian meal paired with Nero d’Avola, and also used it in preparing couscous. Both dishes were delicious and were a big hit with the guests.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% Organic Certified, Monocultivar Nocellara

IndiraCollins, MO


This is a very smooth-tasting olive oil, really goes with everything. I often use it alone (rather than in a sauce or dressing), to let the natural taste come through.
TylerSwedesburg, IA

What a taste!

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the great tastes of Italy. Different Italian regions produce different kinds of oils (for example, olives from Tuscany, Apulia, and Sicily have different characters and result in oils with different flavors). This extra virgin olive oil from Sicily is outstanding. I have enjoyed it on salads, meat, fish, a variety of vegetables, and always found it to be truly delicious!
NgaHoughton, IA

Bursting with flavor and freshness

I have tried many olive oils over the years, and Olio Taibi definitely stands out as the most fragrant, flavorful and zesty olive oil that I’ve tasted. It works well with pasta, salads and mediterranean vegetable dishes.
RacquelWatsontown, PA

Liquid gold

Try this oil and you will know why the poet Homer called oil “liquid gold.” This is a really superb olive oil, comparable to the best you can buy in Italy. I am Italian and I always struggle to find good oil among the mediocre oils that is available at most stores in North America. Taibi has given me back the pleasure to savor my salads and bruschettas. But be warned; once you try Taibi’s oil, you will never go back to the regular supermarket stuff.
JinnyOral, SD

This is different!

Even if you think that you have had many great Extra Virgin olive oils, you must try this one. I tried it together with three other kinds and the difference was obvious also to the non-expert. More rounded flavor, lack of acidity are the most obvious characteristics. I found myself drinking (or is it eating?) a full table spoon of Nocellara and loving it.
CarrolMulberry, KS

My education in olive oil

I didn’t know too much about olive oil before getting introduced to olive oil from Olio Taibi about six years ago. Just bought the standard supermarket stuff. But once you have tasted a real olive oil from Sicily you can’t go back to the supermarket stuff again! We just enjoyed some tonight on fresh ravioli. While the ravioli was great, it was even better with the Nocellara olive oil. If you care about high quality food, then you should try this olive oil.
HilaryLederach, PA


This is very tasty and special olive oil. It is so rich, delicious and luxurious. We use lots of olive oil in our house, and this is truly the best we’ve tasted!
JavierBrinktown, MO

light and fruity!

I first served this olive oil with bread for a dinner party and my guests couldn’t stop raving about it. It is wonderfully light, fruity and refreshing! I’ve since drizzled it on pastas and veggies and loved it – it turned ordinary dishes into extraordinary ones. I’m sold!
AleciaRuston, LA

Top Shelf

Sicily has always produced some of the best tasting olive oil in all of Italy, and this oil lives up to that tradition. Full, light flavor without bitterness. Our family and guests are happy when dishes feature Olio Taibi!
ZackarySaint Albans, VT

Olio Taibi is fantastic! Much more flavorful than the EVOO I typically buy at Trader Joes and Whole Foods

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Monocultivar Nocellara

The Olio Taibi Single Estate Extravergine di Olivia is a very flavorful olive oil. I recently used it to make pesto and the flavor was enhanced using Taibi compared to the EVOO I typically use from Whole Foods or Trader Joes.

I also enjoy dipping my crusty homemade french bread in the Taibi.

Overall it has a much deeper, more pronounced flavor than the oils typically in my pantry and I’m looking forward to the tomato crop this summer and drizzling this oil on my tomato, mozzarella and basil baguettes.


MargareteGarrison, MN

a new favorite

Recently discovered Taibi and it’s changed the way I use olive oil. I like the flavor so much, I use it with vegetables, fish, bread, and just about anything I can think of. It’s really improved my cooking and friends are no longer fearful…they seem to like it too.
LesaWarren, IL

strong taste no bite

This oil is worth the expense.I am using it for all the uncooked applications: topping on bread, salad dressing , raw sauces . Its the best oil I can afford . ITS FUN TO HAVE A VINTAGE OIL. 2007!
MurrayLondon, KY

Extremely expensive olive oil

The cost of Taibi oil is extremely expensive for olive oil, even buying from a small orchard in Sicily. In Sicily, a one litre can of top quality organic oil costs about $12. This Taibi oil is a bottle half that size so worth about $6. Can the cost of shipping really be over $40? I don’t think so.

Another firstclass oil from Sicily available on Amazon for only $20.79 is Mandranova Biancolilla Extra Virgin Olive Oil 17 oz.

Olive oil is bottled and released for sale two to five months after pressing. For example, oil that was pressed in the fall of 2010 – as this oil is dated – came to market from February to May of 2011.

The shelf life of most extra-virgin olive oils is anywhere from 1 year to 18 months from the bottling date, but it is always a good idea to do as the locals do and buy fresh oil when the new release comes to market.

Unlike wine, olive oil does not improve with age, so you can assume a 4-6 month shelf life for opened bottles, and a full year in a sealed bottle from one release date to the next.

If you purchase an olive oil that is stronger than you like, just set it aside for a few months and then taste it again. Olive oils gradually mellow over the course of the year.

Because olive oil is susceptible to deterioration from air, you may be better off purchasing olive oil frequently, in smaller quantities, rather than purchasing one large container. Most top producers put their oil into dark glass bottles or clear bottles that are covered in a foil wrap. Clear glass bottles allow damaging light to affect the oil, bleaching the color and souring the flavor. Keep your oils away from heat sources, such as a radiator, the backsplash of your stove, or the sun.

It is best to keep your olive oil at a slightly cool temperature that does not fluctuate …but do not refrigerate it.

See also the new book: Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil by Tom Mueller.

DerickRileyville, VA

Excellent single source cold pressed EVOO

I’ve tried a lot of high-end olive oils and Monocultivar Nocellara is near the top of my list. This oil has a true pedigree because it comes from a single Sicilian organic farm and is cold-processed which differentiates it from other olive oils. Most other olive oils are blends consisting of cheaper tasteless oils from places like Spain or Portugal.

Store brand oils are virtually tasteless but are fine for cooking. Other disagree and would use this liquid gold in everything. They’re probably the same people who cook with $50 bottles of wine. Olive oil in general is not so great for frying since it has a low smoke point and burns easily. Extra virgin olive oil smokes/burns at even a lower temperature. In other words, this is an oil best used cold. It’s great for dipping bread, salads and as a finishing oil on soups or vegetables.

This oil has a little bite and is packed with flavor. It compliments, as oposed to overpowers, your food. I recommend it without reservation.

The farm where this oil comes from is relatively small and produces under 10,000 liter of oil/year. This accounts for the high price. If you want a less expensive oil that is almost as good try Olio Carli Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 500ml Bottle (0.5 liter) buy Olio Carli Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 500ml Bottle (0.5 liter) by […. A quick web search and you can find 3 liters for thirty dollars and free shipping. I can’t post the link but if you find their website add a slash offer to the address.

One last thing: Extra virgin olive oil by definition has to contain a minimum percentage of EVOO. The rest is just regular olive oil. Monocultivar Nocellara use a much higher percentage of EVOO than is required resulting in a superior product. Keep in mind that Italy produces twice the amount of olive oil than they have trees for because they import and package cheaper oils — technically they are Made in Italy.

CatheyOakdale, CA

A whole new world!

I received a bottle of Olio Taibi from a friend as a gift. Up until now, I had only used EVOO purchased from the local grocery store and had not thought much about it. All I can say is that it is like going from a cheap handle of whiskey to a fine Macallan. In these times of mass production, it is wonderful to discover a premium quality artisan product like this.
JinHellertown, PA

Olio Taibi

i enjoyed the Monocultivar Biancolilla and looked forward to tasting the Monocultivar Nocellara. it was alittle too strong for me, very, very peppery. i prefer mild olive olis. but if you like stronger flavors, you should enjoy Nocellara.
HerbertLancaster, MO

Absolutely delicious.

My family and I love this olive oil. It’s been a big hit each time I’ve served it at a dinner party with warn crusty Tuscan bread. It’s rich and full flavored but not over powering. The fact that it’s organically grown on a family orchard in Sicily make it all the more enjoyable. It’s worth it!
TessaMidland, NC

Another Pricey But Wonderful Olive Oil

I consider myself a bit of a foodie, and recently returned from Provence where I sampled many olive oils from that region. They were for the most part delicious.
I enjoy Italian olive oils also and so was looking forward to trying the Nocellara single estate oil from Olio Taibi in Sicilly. Like Olio Taibi’s Biancolilla, this is really good – a wonderful flavor, full olive but with a hint of peppery spiciness. I would have rated this a ‘5’ were it not for the price, which I consider high. Because of its somewhat unique flavor, and its cost, I never mix this for a vinaigrette (to me it would be like using a 15 year-old estate bottled rum for a rum & coke), but rather just use it with some freshly baked bread when enjoying a salad and some wine. Yummmm.
MarcosAthens, NY

Why use anything else?

Until I tasted Olio Taibi I used your basic Whole Foods Brand EVOO. But there is really no comparison between a generic brand and this artisanal estate grown oil. Once you have tasted Olio Taibi, WF EVOO basically has no taste. Now I use this with salads, pasta, sauces — basically all of my cooking.
MarianelaCleveland, NM

Good oil, but glad I had a coupon

I bought this oil with a Groupon. I did like the flavor, which I thought was pretty strong compared to other EVOOs I have tried, so keep that in mind when you use it. Unlike “lighter” oils I’ve had, which can blend into the flavor of the final dish, this one was strong enough that I could distinctly taste the oil’s flavor on the food. This is not a bad thing, just a matter of preference. However, I don’t think I would pay full price for it, especially for only a half liter. I have had other EVOOs of comparable quality, even organic ones, that cost much less for the same amount of oil. With the Groupon though, I think it was a decent value.
KerryCanoga Park, CA

Organic “Liquid Gold” Olive Oil

Olio Taibi is a fabulous delicious tasting olive oil from a family farm in Italy. Truly I can sip this olive oil without even dipping with bread. The oil is pure and clean tasting and has to be so healthy with each use. Go to […] for more info. I love olive oils and am always looking for a more pure organic oil and my test is if I can have a healthy sip for my health. This is the best!
CandraChromo, CO

Olive oil–the best of Sicily

I was making two radio documentaries in Sicily recently for the BBC and was given some of this olive oil to pour on a wonderful simple bean soup I was served in Agrigento. It is a delight–the terroir the French talk about, that particularity of place, is captured in a bottle: All the sunshine and ancient beauty of Agrigento and its surrounding countryside.

Sheila Dillon

KatheSandisfield, MA