Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker, White/Grey

Bring healthy, homemade baby food to your table in just minutes with the Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker. This patented, multi functional baby food maker allows you to steam and blend fruits, vegetables, meats and fish all in one bowl quickly and easily. In as little as fifteen minutes, you can have a healthful, nutritious and delicious meal ready for your baby and the satisfaction of knowing that you made it yourself. 

Quick facts

  • Plastic, Metal
  • Imported
  • Easy to use Just add your ingredients and set your steam time, and the machine will do the rest
  • Safe, one bowl design means you don’t have to transfer hot foods to another bowl or blender in the middle of your cooking process
  • Easy to clean bowl and blade are dishwasher safe; BPA/phthalate free

Top reviews

This is a test product par excellance!

This is quite possibly the greatest Test product 2 I have ever used. It fills up space great, and has nothing to do with what I was shopping for. I cannot help but recommend this to anyone who wants to use a Test product. It may not be as high tech as the Test product 1, and it certainly isn’t as complicated as the Test product 3. 5 stars!
VertieHarvey, LA

Failed before using!

I was excited to get started on making my homemade baby food. They did not have anything like this when I had my other children. I splurged because I felt that this would save me time. I had it all ready to go food in the blender and then nothing! The blue lights lit up and then nothing! Followed the instructions step by step thinking I may have put the lid and bucket on wrong and still nothing. I called the customer support line and they are sending me out a new product plus something extra for my inconvience. It does have a year warranty on it so I will give the second one another try and hope it last longer than one use!

Update:9/27/2011-I continue to wait for my replacement from the company and have called multiple times and left several messages to find if they have shipped me another baby brezza and they will not return my phone calls or pick up the phone. I would be weary about purchasing this item since it looks like they don’t stand behind their product!!! I am returning it through amazon today!!!

AntoniaPottersville, NY

does not operate properly

i just got the Brezza today and tried to prepare some food. It steamed food nicely but did not blend properly. after reading instruction i realized that blades do not fall down for blend cycle as it suppose (based on the instruction). the maker definitely goes back.
Since all reviews are so great, i think my product is defective. i will try to order a replacement, see if it is going to work.
DwightHackett, AR

Not a fan

I really wanted to like this product. Even after all of my friends told me I didn’t need a separate appliance to make babyfood (just use your food processor!), I went ahead and bought it. I had read the reviews and I knew that it wouldn’t cook a lot at a time, so I wasn’t expecting to make mass quantities of babyfood, just to make it easier to give my daughter whatever veggies we might be eating that night. Well I’m pretty dissapointed — almost everything I’ve tried in isn’t as cooked as it needs to be. I find the machine to puree the food when it’s half raw, resulting in a lumpy mess. I’ve tried mixing the food with breastmilk and pureeing it further, and then it just tastes like raws veggies pureed with breast milk. Gross. I have also tried cooking the food for longer than the recommended times, but I guess the steam isn’t strong enough, because it’s never cooked enough. I’ve tried sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots, all with disastrous results. Lesson learned – next time I’m just going to cook the food in the oven or in a steamer and then throw it in the food processor.
DiannaMidwest, WY

Replacement Blender

I ordered the Baby Brezza and was so excited to use it to make fresh and wholesome food for my 6 month old. I set it up, and it steamed just fine. Then when it came time to blend it just beeped and shut off. I checked to see about replacing it and the company that supplied it through Amazon, Jolity, provided the number to call Baby Brezza for return/replacement and said they should return my call promptly. I did read in the BB manual that you have to send $10 shipping for them to return ship your item to replace any appliance. I was really disappointed to have to run around to try and get this replaced. My fault for not reading the return policy of Jolity on this product before I bought it. BUY IT FROM A STORE so you can return it if need be!!!!!!!!

I worked through Baby Brezza and they did replace the item at no cost to me and the new one works perfectly! In no time I have healthy and homemade baby food for my little one.

SheraWest Frankfort, IL

New out of box and blender does not work. Solved with a DIY fix.

As many other one star reviewers have posted my unit’s blender function did not work. It is a brand new unit right out of the box. Steam function works great, but the motor would never turn the blender blade so my food just sat there. Luckily there’s an easy fix. I took the entire unit apart and found that the belt from the motor was not engaging the turnshaft that would in turn enable the blade to spin. After properly aligning the belt I put it all back together and the unit now blends like it is supposed to. My guess is that this is the same problem that caused others’ blender function to not work. I would futher venture that the Brezza knows about this issue and has done nothing to correct it. It’s hard to believe that after multiple complaints about the same problem that Brezza does not put its units through some sort of inspection process to prevent this from happening. It is very frustrating to have to fix a brand new product that has just been taken out of the box.
JacquilineFrederic, WI

What Happened?

I was elated to receive this as a gift, always wanting to prepare my own baby food. Looking at the reviews, it seemed like a fantastic buy. Upon first use, the plastic base holding the blades produced hairline fractures where food can now get lodged. The piece holding the blades is also supposed to be easily removed for food removal and cleaning; it’s become harder to remove with each use and now is near impossible to separate from the shaft. The gray plastic, stains very easily; and now, after only a handful of uses, the plastic, hinged cap to the water reservoir snapped off. Approx 20% of the time, the device will steam and fail to blend.
KenyattaClarksburg, CA

Metallic smell on food

I absolutely loved this product at first. I had one of the first models and it worked wonderfully until one day it simply wouldn’t turn on. I called the company and they sent me a new model. The steam chamber of the new model smells horrible, I can’t quite pinpoint the smell but it is somewhere between metallic and burnt plastic. All the food I’ve steamed also has this metallic taste to it. I’ve done the cleaning with distilled vinegar and distilled water twice already but the food still tastes metallic. This freaks me out because I have no idea what is being deposited on the food. Obviously I won’t be giving any steamed food to my baby. I’ve called customer service again and I’m waiting for a call back.
VirgenToney, AL

Really trying to be happy

I’ve had this product for 3 weeks and have used it a total of 3 times. I’m really trying to get passed all of the kinks. Of course, most of the poor reviews are after I purchased the Baby Brezza. I, as some, was lured into the “one step process”. I have 3 kids and thought this would be simple to use. I have difficulty placing the blade into the container. The instructions say don’t force the blade in, but that’s the only way to get it in. I’m just hoping each time I don’t push too hard and break it. I’m finding with each use the driveshaft is becoming more difficult to pull out. Setting all of those aside the machine (in my opinion) works great! I’ve had no problems with puree or steam. It works beautifully!!! It does leave too much water in the chamber, but I just pour the excess after I’m finished. If I can get these problems resolved it will be a nice machine. From reading the other reviews it seems the problems will only get worse. I’m hoping I didn’t buy a lemon.
NovellaBaytown, TX

A real bummer

I am so disappointed in this product. It broke the fourth time I used it and the warranty still requires me to pay $10 to have it fixed or replaced (which especially stinks given that this was a gift). It purees food okay, but not as finely as my food processor, and I think that is really sad considering it’s the primary job of this machine. Also, it leaves too much liquid in the chamber after steaming, and made my puree too thin. I had to start draining water before pureeing my food, which is a pain.

And to add insult to injury, the metallic chamber where the water reserve lives, it somehow affected the taste of the water and made my fruits taste metallic. The steamer feature would be nice if it didn’t make the food taste funny. No sense in making organic baby food yourself if your child won’t eat it due to the aftertaste.

I’m so bummed as I had high hopes for this machine. I recommend you get a food processor instead- it will work better for baby foods, and you’ll get more mileage out of it.

MathewHopkinton, IA

Hard time getting it to work!!

When I first bought this item I loved it. But after having it for a few months the biggest problem I have is starting the darn thing! I’ll select my steam time I need and when I press start it beeps at me. In problem shooting it says if it beeps 6x then its not locked in but it beeps more then 6x. Plus it doesn’t even puree most stuff like green beans, carrorts, and apple sauce, are some of the top ones I can think of.
LillianaNoatak, AK

blender does not work

After reading reviews for multiple baby food makers, we settled on this one because it was the most trusted and highest reviewed. After receiving it, carefully cleaning, and reading the instructions word for word, we were disappointed to find out that it does not work. Going back on Amazon and the Baby Brezza site for help, We realized that there are many recent reviews with the same problem. These reviews were posted AFTER we had ordered the item.

I’m personally upset because even if the customer service for this product may be as wonderful as they say, receiving a defective product in the mail and getting help on it is both a waste of mine and the company’s time. I feel like the last 2 hours of my day has been wasted preparing the food, waiting for it to steam, trouble shooting the blender, reading up about fixes online, and lastly calling customer service to only get a voicemail. I hope that this goes better for other parents. Good luck.

UPDATE: I emailed baby brezza on Nov 7th and called them Nov 4th. They finally returned my call today (Nov 11), but I already returned the item because they took way to long to get back to me.

ArmandoAtlanta, MO

This is the third time I got the defective item!

This is the third time I got the defective item! The first and the second time I got, the blender was not working. Then I returned it and give them a chance to order it again. However, the third time I received was also a defective item, this time the blender works well but it is unable for me to take it out! What happen????? I tried much of my effort to take the blender out but in vain! I have to return it again! I was just wondering why this item is in so cheap quality! It is really waste my time!
GitaTariff, WV

Food NOT smooth at all!!!

I was super excited to get this since I was putting my veggies in a steamer basket in a pan on the stove top. Steaming the veggies and then putting them into the blender to make them into baby food. I though GREAT!! I can save time, dishes and frustration all with this machine. Not so much. This machine does not make smooth baby food no matter how much you let the steamer go. So, I was steaming in this and transfering to a blender to puree. I will be sending this back. Keep your money and take the extra minute to transfer the food from your steamer to your blender!
JacquilineKeasbey, NJ

Great item for making baby food

I bought this item for a new mom friend because I knew how picky she was about what she eats, and now about what her new baby is going to be eating. I like the fact that you just have to press a couple of buttons, put some chopped veggies [or meat] into the blender and then walk away. When you come back, it’s all done! I think there are always some questions about store bought baby food, and this makes it so easy to make your own – not a lot of pots, steamers and processors. Just this one food maker. Wish I’d had something like it when I had my kids! She loves it and tells me every week about the new recipes she’s coming up with. And the baby likes it, too!
GastonPachuta, MS

Broken and poor customer service

Like many of the other one-star reviews, our food maker doesn’t puree the food because the blade doesn’t move. I plan to send it back to the company for a repair, per the instructions on the Baby Brezza website- it’s annoying to have to send $10 for return shipping for a $100 product. In addition, I haven’t been able to actually reach a person to talk to since the customer service number is not in service anymore. I tried calling their main line and was transferred to someone’s voicemail. No returned call from them yet…

In the mean time, I’ve been successfully pureeing the baby food with my Cuisinart stick blender. I should have tried that out first before buying this one step food maker. I was lured by the ‘one-step’ process, but hopefully you won’t be.

DarioDowell, IL

Hard to clean and now leaks a brown liquid

It was great the first couple of times I used it but then over time, I started noticing a brown/black liquid left on the base and driveshaft. At first i thought it was food dripping out and didn’t think much of it, then I realized it was coming from the driveshaft and I kept trying to clean it off but more and more comes out every time I use the machine. And now the last time I used the machine, the blade and holder seem to be stained with brown as well. I’ve been scrubbing and scrubbing those parts as well but it’s impossible to clean off. The last batch of green bean I made also ended up getting brown/black liquid leaked in so of course now I’m freaked out as to what the baby has consumed and now am too scared to use this machine at all.
RandiLynnwood, WA

Really poorly made.

My Baby Brezza journey is so disheatening that I have to share. I did extensive research into baby food maker and as most of you who are reading this, I narrowed it down to the Brezza and the Beaba. Brezza won me over with the one button touch and step away function. So….

November 2011: Bought Baby Brezza on cyber monday sale (was around 100 bucks), arrived 2 weeks later — dead on arrival. Plugged it in, no light, no function, nothing. Thankfully, my baby wasn’t quite eating yet. Called Baby Brezza/emailed, a few days later a new machine came out to me.
Jan – March 2012: Brezza #2 working well, around the end of March, started seeing a black oiling residue. I’m a pretty chill mom, so just wiped it off and soldiered on.
April 2012: Brezza #2 stopped working, steams fine, but will NOT blend, can hear the motor, but no action. Called Customer service, again a few days to connect up. The agent said there was an old batch of shafts that have caused problems, will send new shaft — a few weeks later a new Brezza showed up.
May 2012: On to Brezza #3, plugged it, made applesauce, take extra care regarding the shaft (purported to be new and awesome). Brezza #3 stopped working 10 hours after arrival (2 batches of baby food). Called customer service, no answer, called again, left a VM, called again, spoke to a very apologetic lady who states she will send out another new shaft and as compensation for all the inconvenience an accessory of my choice. Per her, it should arrive within 4-5 days.
June 2012: still waiting, almost 14 days later, placed another call to customer service.

So my advice.

1. didn’t save money (need to have jarred baby food on hand in case your Brezza busts)
2. went through 3 units in 5 months
3. Spent A LOT of time tracking down Baby Brezza customer service.
4. Have a lot of spare Brezza parts in my house.

If you were thinking about buying, consider getting it at the big box store so when it busts you can just return it and get your money back and lessen the anger and frustration at this product.

Cheers, hope it helps. Thankfully, as we rarely had a working baby food machine, my daughter quickly graduated to mushed up food and small bites and grew out of the baby food phase… still such a bummer, what a poor made product.

JeanieBath, SC

Don’t Buy This, Even If You Really Want to Ignore the Bad Reviews

I really wanted this to work so I sided with the 60 some-odd positive reviews as opposed to the 30-ish nays & purchased this when my daughter turned six months. Well, two months to the day I started using the BB (today she is eight months), the blender function stopped working. It will still steam, but not blend. Also, day one some of the plastic curved pieces on the bottom of the container broke off (but it still functioned), and the unit has been leaking the brown/black fluid for a while. I just disregarded these issues because I really wanted it to work. Romanticizing the all-in-one factor and all….

I of course recycled all the packaging so I don’t know if Amazon will take it back. Sounds like BB customer service is a waste of time too. AND I even took the unit apart this morning and the belt is turning just fine…

So, all I can do is warn other parents – do not buy this machine! It’s not worth the trouble for the few weeks of service it provides. I really don’t understand why it’s so difficult to make a quality product when you’re charging this much for it.

EffieMedford, OK

Please Read Poor Reviews and Use Caution with This Machine

I purchased the Baby Brezza at the end of October, 2011. I immediately fell in love with the machine for its simplicity and ease of use. However, about two weeks later, the blade on the machine started to rust. I hand wash my machine 90% of the time with organic soap – this was alarming and made me question the quality. Shortly after that, the blade began getting stuck in the machine. There are instructions in the manual that tell you what to do if this happens. It worked but I had to do it every time I used the machine. I was constantly splattering food everywhere. Next, I had the black oil leaking from the drive shaft. I removed the drive shaft with every wash and never put it in the dishwasher. I cleaned it up and hoped it wouldn’t happen again. Following this, the blade became completely lodged in the machine and unremovable. I did receive a quick call back from customer service and when they asked for the lot number, I lifted up the machine to realize the entire bottom had melted. The plastic was all disformed. The last batch of applesauce I made had the black oil IN IT. The company offered me a new machine but I am refusing. I do not want anything from this maker. I see that it has happened to other parents and it is absolutely inexcusable that a foreign black substance is being leeched into our baby’s foods!!! This is the whole point of making homemade food – so that you know everything in it. I nearly cried when I discovered the black substance. Yes, it’s easy and yes it’s a great idea. But please, please just steam your baby’s food and process it with something reliable and without a strange substance in it!

*Just to add: Contrary to other reviews, I had an excellent experience with Baby Brezza’s customer service. I spoke with two different women who were helpful and seemed truly interested in solving the problem. I may have gotten a rare defect in my machine and I don’t want to bash the brand but am very concerned with my experience. I believe that the company will do something about the problems that their customers are experiencing and I hope for future parents that they’re able to have a successful machine.

*Also: I’ve used a Beaba and found that the Brezza was a much better machine in terms of proper steaming of food. My experience with the Beaba was that the food almost always came out undercooked when steamed according to the times in the manual. I don’t recommend that machine either. Additionally, I’ve used a Magic bullet for a few years and have never had a perfect blend. I always have to take the cover off and move the food around in order for it all to blend. I am not sure that any of these baby gadgets work but will say that if I didn’t have the defective brezza, it would be far superior to a beaba or baby bullet.

MarianoDallardsville, TX

Broken out of the box. Fixed myself, but still..

I received this broken as well. The steam function worked well, but the blades would not spin. After reading another review i decided to try fixing it myself before contacting customer service. I took the 5-6 screws out of the bottom and simply slipped the belt back on its gears. It works great now! I love it and it makes making baby food so simple. I would give it 5 stars if i didn’t get in broken. Don’t they have QC?
MarciaMentcle, PA

WASTE of money

I bought this baby brezza four months ago. Used it almost every day. Was working fine until the steam and blend button just stopped working; a short time after that the blend feature… This item is just a BIG waste of money. Try to contact Baby Brezza? Well I don’t think their answering machine is of any help..! Very disappointed..!
BetteRandallstown, MD

doesn’t blend or work well

I got the baby brezza about 6 months ago, when it was time to start introducing solids to my baby boy. Back then all the reviews were 5 star, so I was super excited to get this item and thought it was worth the higher price. Well, it’s not. The main reason why I got this item was so that I could make vegetable and meat purees in one steamer/blender. In the product review it stated that the machine can be used for meat and fish. It can’t. In the operating manual it says that you can only used ground meat, which I didn’t like. I thought that maybe I can cook the meat separately and then put it in the brezza to blend with the veggies. Well, it couldn’t do it either. It couldn’t handle blending even very soft turkey breast and would quit after several seconds. Having to stand there and hold the button down was also very annoying. I was extremely disappointed with the brezza and wanted to return it, but the seller I got it from wouldn’t accept returns once you open the box. Anyway, now I use the brezza only to steam the vegetables. I cook the meats separately and then finish it all in a blender. After 6 months it can’t blend even soft vegetables, by the way. So basically I paid a $100 for a vegetable steamer, which you can do in a simple pot.
KandiOng, NE

Only sort of works 🙁

I was so excited to start making baby food…I diced my sweet potatoes into little bitty cubes, set up the Brezza, and everything appeared to be going fine…until I realized the blades weren’t actually moving! It steamed perfectly, but when it came time to blend, the Brezza made lots of noise but the blades didn’t do anything! So I had to whip out my old (non-BPA free!) food processor to finish making baby’s food. I was pretty annoyed… Apparently I have a defective model; I have since contacted Brezza customer service, and I’m expecting a replacement unit shortly. They also notified me that this unit is an older model, and they have since made improvements, so the replacement will be the newest model. I’ll update my review when I receive the new Brezza.
WillenaHellier, KY

Loved it at first but DO NOT BUY – Leaks oil into food

I was using this baby food maker for 2 months and I loved it. It was so easy to steam the food and then puree it in one machine. I used it almost every day and raved about it to friends. However, last week I noticed a small amount of black smudge on the drive shaft when I went to clean it. I really didn’t think anything of it or I thought that it was from the banana I pureed because it had a bruise. Today I made a large batch of food and when I was done and went to clean the machine the entire drive shaft was coated with the black liquid. I now know that the black stuff is lubricating oil. Needless to say dumped the batch of food. I am so upset because I don’t know if the oil got into any of my baby’s past food. I had ordered it from One Step Ahead and they are giving me a full refund plus an extra $25 for my troubles. They tried to act like this was the first they’ve heard of this problem but I don’t buy it. At least 15 other people on Amazon have complained of the same thing. Ugh. Don’t take a chance on this one!
GeorginaSchulter, OK


CONS:Weird smells, Blender blade will not engage and a slappin’ crap warranty.

$10 to pay for shipping and for Baby Brezza Enter/Crap-prises to look at it. There are postings that say you can fix the blade issue by disassembling the Baby Brezza , but who would want to do that and risk completely voiding out any warranty AND IT WILL NEVER WORK AGAIN.. EVER. EVEVEVEVEVR. RRRRRR. I digress, the fact that I experienced such lack of quality, with the Brezza,straight from the box makes this product a piece of dog pooo… poop from China.

PROS: It was a gift. 😛

VeldaHolly Pond, AL

Poorly made and bad quality control

The two problems other users have complained about are the same ones I experienced, which shows that this product is badly made and should be recalled.
Two weeks into using this product the base of the plastic cup where the drive shaft is inserted broke into pieces. I returned the product and they sent me a new one. The new one had the other problems, it would steam but when it was time for it to blend, it’d just make a really loud noise and the blades would not move at all. The drive shaft is so tight that I find it impossible to take out of the cup and was afraid to force it in case it broke again.
I would NOT RECOMMEND this product at all. It’s very poorly made and I wish I had read the bad reviews before I got it.
CriseldaWashington Island, WI

Not what I expected

I received this babyfood maker as a baby shower gift and I was so excited to use it! I have used it for about two weeks and everything seemed fine. It pretty much did the job, except for you can only do a small amount at one time so it can take all day to make a week’s worth of food. It is hard to clean also. It retains the color of whatever you are making even if you wash it right away. I was willing to deal with this, but I thought there had to be a better way. After using it and washing it today, I noticed about 4 hairline fractures on the inside of the gray plastic. I can’t use it now. I plan on returning it and using a regular steamer and food processer. NOT worth the hundred dollars!!! Please save your money. This thing is not worth it.
NeomiIsabel, KS


I have to say that I am extremely disappointed in my baby brezza. It was extremely promising at first, however, after 2 uses, we figured out that it takes us a while to start the machine. The button just wouldn’t “click”. Then, after 2 months after using it, the drive shaft broke. First, we were worried but then figured we could still use it without the drive shaft being locked into place. After 2 weeks of our drive shaft being broken, now our blade broke- the plastic part. Now, we can just steam and not blend. This whole equipment was also brought brand new. We were really excited about this, and used it daily but definitely WOULD NOT recommend it to anyone else. I wish the machine was built better!
SharynNew Castle, PA


I bought this about 5 months back..

If the food is not exactly small enough,it wont get soft and the puree will be grainy.Sometimes chunks get stuck and it just wont get pureed.
Have to stand there and blend it.No timer for blend button.
Within this short period the lip of the jar broke a bit and now steam is escaping through there and so I have to put something really heavy on top to keep it stay put.Plus the jar is stained so much that its a light brown shade.Both of this shows the material is super cheap.There was no way to even contact the manufacturers through amazon.

Can steam food and not have the mess to transfer to another blender.Well,thats just a tiny inconvenience compared to the cons.

Returning this!

MargariteKalaupapa, HI