Baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusks, 24 + 2 Pieces, Vegetable

Baby Mum-Mum is the original rice teething biscuit brand in North America. All-natural and free from the top 10 common allergens, Baby Mum-Mum Vegetable rice rusks contain no salt, gluten, corn, wheat, dairy, eggs, or tapioca. Baby Mum-Mum Vegetable rice rusks are fruit juice sweetened, made with no added sugar. Baby Mum-Mum rice biscuits are certified Gluten-Free and made without GMO ingredients, making them perfect for teething and for your child’s first solid food. They have a light texture, great taste, and dissolve easily. Baked with no artificial ingredients or preservatives, busy parents on-the-go will love the individual packaging for the convenience and optimum freshness. Baby Mum-Mum rice biscuits come in many flavors, including Original, Vegetable, Banana, Apple & Pumpkin, Organic Original, and Organic Carrot.

Quick facts

  • A perfect snack for teething babies!
  • Fruit juice sweetened, no added sugar; no articifical flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Certified gluten-free and no salt added
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Free of top 10 allergens including corn, milk, peanuts, wheat, tree nuts, soy, fish, sesame, eggs and tapioca

Top reviews



This is NOT edible baby parts.
It is ACTUAL food.

How disappointing…

StefanChepachet, RI

Made in China

I understand that many of our daily products are now made in China.
And I am not saying that all products made in China are bad.
I own many products around the house that are made in China.
But food is something I refuse to buy that are made in China.
In the product description, it does not specify that it’s made in China.
On the box I received indicates that it’s

MANUFACTURED BY Guangzhou Yongwant Foods Co., Ltd
IMPORTED BY Liberty Richter Bloomfield, NJ 07003

I thought I would share with others who feels the same before wasting your money.
My purchase 1 box (6 packs) went straight to the trash.

TuyetJohnson City, NY

made in china

These are made in china…not a good idea at all considering all the food saftey issues of late. also i feel that it is wrong to buy food/agricultural products from another country (a politically hostile one at that) when our own poor farmers are having such a rough time making ends meet because all their work has been outsourced to these unsafe chinese farms. there are many much safer and ethically sound alternatives to these snacks.
KarolynLeesburg, OH

come on people … MADE IN CHINA

Just few words … MADE IN CHINA I would be very scared to feed my child that we have problem with medication not having the right dose, poisons in toys .. but food for kids … just be careful …
BradfordMuddy, IL

Not Happy

I just received these, and I will not be giving them to my baby. They are made in China. No where on Amazon does it say that. Maybe some may view me as paranoid, but feeding my baby food from China is not something I feel comfortable with.
CarollPolk City, FL

you watch TV anyway – just pay attention

With all these scandals around Chinese products, I am not feeding my baby (or any babies visiting us) any food made in China.

Perhaps unfair to some products, but I am not ready to take a chance, especially on a baby, whether mine or not.


JohnathanMill City, OR

Made in CHINA and contains SUGAR

Read the box before you buy this product! Made in China and second ingredient is sugar? Not for my baby, thank you.
DelphiaHazel Green, AL

Great toy

This toy is great! I am able to latch it on to the car seat or stroller and my son just loves to play with it. All the things to grab hold to and different colors and textures make for a great time!
HyonFrisco City, AL

Buyer Beware – Can’t Return This Product

My wife ordered this, so I’m not sure if she was aware that this product came from China. When we got the pkg and learned that this was from China, we wanted to return it. But this product cannot be returned even if you haven’t opened it. We will be throwing this in the trash. We just felt that food products from China are questionable, and we didn’t want to risk this with our 8 month old son.
SherleneMacon, VA

Great Item, God Awful Price???

My little man loves these & I came here to Amazon to check into purchasing from them instead of where I have been. […] I can’t believe there are so many people here getting ripped off, do a little digging & you will find them much much cheaper!!! Try […]…………….Your Welcome!
JessCallao, MO

Great Brand from Taiwan

My husband and I came from Taiwan and have been living in the US for over 15 years. Normally we only buy Chinese snacks that are brand names and made in US or Taiwan. However, I was very glad to find this product in Amazon even though I just bought it today and haven’t yet received it. I do know “Hot Kid” very well and used to have it for snack growing up in Taiwan. It was one of my few favorite snacks made by a well reputed Taiwanese company. I trust this brand just as I do General Mills or Kraft. It was already a major food company in Taiwan back then and “rice rusk” was the most popular product. Now, this company has made its way to becoming one of the three biggest food companies in China. Interesting enough, these three companies are all Taiwanese companies. I think the main reason is that people in China do not trust their own brands. I believe that “Hot Kid”is a quality food product. I think the worry is overdone and the red flag is unnecessary. My son is 7 months now and it was a pleasing surprise to have found this product in US.
HildegardeGlencoe, NM

Second ingredient: SUGAR

I’m STILL looking for something to give my infant to snack on that will melt in his mouth.

I can’t believe anything specifically made for infants has sugar as the second ingredient, or as an ingredient, period.

I’m shocked this product has so many good reviews. Do parents not read labels?!

EstrellaPocatello, ID

Baby food product made in Mainland China? No thanks.

If I had known this baby food product was made in Mainland China, I would not have ordered it.
We refuse to give our baby this product due to the negative publicity plastered all over the news associated with tainted infant formula and other food products made in Mainland China. I own other items made in China but food products are something that I refuse to consume.

I went back and re-read the description on the website and did not see a product origin. Isn’t there a disclosure requirement for retailers to disclose from where products they sell are made? (silly me!)

We both ate packs of the rice crackers while I did whatever research I could on the factory in Guangzhou, China that made this rice cracker. Not much came out of my simple desktop research –
1) a letter from the FDA regarding claims on the box: […];
2) import refusal letter from FDA:

Funny thing, the rice crackers actually taste good. And, I am still around to write this review. However, in my kitchen, I have six boxes of Baby crackers that I will probably not eat.

In the mean time, I will search for and purchase a baby teething cracker made some where other than Mainland China. Maybe I’ll walk to a local Wholefoods rather than buy baby products from

CorinaSkipwith, VA

baby crackers made in china?

I was really excited to order these crackers because my toddler liked them when a friend of mine gave her one, but I didn’t realize that they were made in China. They dissolve really easily and are individually packaged, but come on now, do you really want to feed your child snacks that are made in China? It’s up to you, but I know that I wouldn’t have ordered it if I knew where it was made.
JoellePeachland, NC

not made in the usa

these are awful, my 7 month old did not like them and eevn when I threw them out to the birds they didn’t even eat them. What bothered me also is that they weren’t even made in the U.S.A. I was surprised that Earth’s Best had a low rating. She loved them, she was able to hold on to them better than these, they didnt just dissolve away like nothing. the Earth’s Best is a million times better.
MariamHermitage, AR

Made in CHINA! Choking Hazard!

I was horrified to find out this product is made in China! Before realizing that, I did give it to my 5 month old baby. She liked it, but I had to watch her VERY closely. Pieces easily break off and do not dissolve quickly enough. She once choked on it, but luckily she was able to cough up the piece of cracker.
DonaldCarson City, MI

packaging overload

My baby loves these. However, the packaging is over the top. Do the rusks really need to be individually wrapped, as well as, wrapped in another plastic bag, inside of a cardboard box?
NeilDenison, TX

Absolutely worth the wait

These crackers are really easy for my toddler to hold and eat. They are packaged well and have a very mild taste, especially if you like rice snacks. Amazon shipping or supply chain management was horrible, the order experienced three delays, but eventually got here. On another note, Amazon does not charge you until the items ship. These crackers were worth the wait. I may purchase the plain next time.
These are always out of stock. Eat ’em if you’ve got ’em!
Update from 8/12. I just keep buying these crackers. Each time they are in stock, I stock up. Really, my 10 month old daughter can say “mum-mum”. Fantastic crackers and easy packaging. I have not tried the plain, but the vegatble flavor are outstanding! Bon Appetite.
RexEssex Junction, VT

Baby Mum-Mums are loved by my baby!

My daughter has a Mum-Mum for her afternoon snack every day. It’s just enough to hold her over from lunch until dinner time. She loves these things!
AmieeRalston, WY

Gluten-free snack!!

Fantastic snack for your baby without any major allergens (no wheat, corn, soy etc.) which is really hard to find these days. Although it does have milk powder, it shouldn’t bother your baby if they can have formula or if you drink milk and they tolerate your breastmilk fine. Really, your child will love them. Both the vegetable and regular are amazing.
KelvinBarnard, SD

rice snacks

this product is good my daughter loves them but the seller needs to get thier butt in gear i ordered this 2 days ago and i put a one day shipping on it.
ShainaLouisville, AL

Wow! Good product, but really overpriced on Amazon!

Another reviewer said this and just I went and checked it out. These are available for way less– even with the Amazon Prime free shipping the price here is a rip-off! I’m surprised, since prices on so many other things are so good. Unless the price goes down, I’ll be buying these elsewhere from now on.
DarrenSpruce Pine, NC

Great Product!

These are wonderful for your child. Perfect for the car because they don’t make a mess.
RandyDistrict Heights, MD

Mum-Mum = Yum-Yum

My LO loves these. She started eating them @ about 9 months. She is now 18 months old & they are still one of her favorite snacks. They are a favorite of mine too as they are super easy to transport, are healthy & make little to no mess!
GlennisHome, KS

Great snack!

This is a great snack for my daughters, 10 months and 3 years. They both love the vegetable, orginal flavor and the toddler strawberry. The only “bad” thing is that they are made in China. I’m very leary of items that come from China.
MarlysBlue Springs, MS

A must have for teething babies

Our 10 month old LOVES these. She loves feeding herself and practicing chewing. They dissolve easily to prevent choking. They tend to be sticky at first if the baby sucks on it more than bites off pieces. Will definitely buy more when we run out.
ThoraGalveston, IN

Baby mum-mums are AWESOME!!

My mom gave my son baby mum mums while we were walking around a store one day, and I had never seen them, and he LOVED them!!! After that, I had such a hard time finding them!! I was thrilled to find them here. My son loves them. They are the perfect size for his little hands, and he can chew them fast or they just dissolve in his mouth if he has small chunks left. He has been eating them for 6 months now, and he still loves them. He prefers the vegetable, but will eat both flavors. Will buy them again!!
DeliaDyer, TN

Could’nt live without this product

I was so happy to discover these. I run a baby daycare and have lots of teething babies and they all LOVE Mum-Mums. They are not as messy as the other baby cookies and they seem very safe for even 5 months old. I buy these by the case now!
PercySturdivant, MO

Baby Mum-Mum Vegetable Flavored Rice Rusks

I discovered these at Walmart and then purchased them in bulk at Amazon (a much better savings). I was reluctant to try them at first. I was searching for biter biscuits or zwieback toast when our daughter started teething but was having a difficult time finding such products and when I did they were never on sale. I stumbled upon the Baby Mum-Mum products at Walmart, they were affordable and conveniently packaged. Our daughter LOVES THEM. She knows the package and gets excited when you pull one out. I love that they are wrapped in two packs also, you don’t have to waste a baggie packing them to go and they don’t go stale. We bring them with us to restaurants and it’s a great way to keep her busy and get in a healthy snack while we are waiting for the food to come…a lifesaver! I think it is also important to mention that they contain vegetables and are tagged as “organic” I don’t hold a lot of importance in finding organics products because of the price but am happy when I can afford them. Also, I’ve found that many snacks for babies/children (such as Gerber Graduates line) are loaded with extra sugar which I believe is unnecessary. The fruit snacks have twice as much sugar as normal fruit snacks off the shelf. So I’m happy to find a product such as a Mum Mum which doesn’t contain a lot of excess sugars.
LamonicaNew Providence, NJ

Mum Mum’s for Lilly

I can only find these at Walmart and my grandchild loves them. She is 9 months. I have never heard of them and was looking for some info about the safety of this product. It is ideal because it melts in her mouth and I don’t have to worry about her choking on it.
GriseldaChadwick, IL