Baby’s Only DHA & ARA Fatty Acid Powder – 12.7 oz

Fatty Acids for Brain Development & Visual AcuityBaby Only Essentials is properly balanced with the long chain fatty acids, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and ARA (arachidonic acid), important for development. These fats are known to concentrate in a baby’s brain & eye retina promoting mental development and visual acuity. If breast milk is not available, then a baby requires a dietary source of these fats by synthesizing them from linoleic & alpha-linoleic fatty acids, as found in Baby’s Only Organic Toddler Formulas, and/or by supplementing with Baby’s Only Essentials DHA & ARA Fatty Acids.For an infant receiving breast milk as its single-source of nutrition, it may not be necessary to provide supplemental DHA & ARA.Baby Only Essentials DHA & ARA Fatty Acid is naturally derived from the goodness of Egg Phospholipids using an aqueous (water) process. This differs from C. cohnii oil (algae) & M. alpina oil (fungus) used in infant formulas, which are treated with hexane solvent, acid and bleach.Choline is an essential nutrient found in Baby’s Only Essentials fatty acids. Choline is necessary for the structure and function of all cells in the body. Choline is also an important nutrient needed for the production of neurotransmitters and development of the memory center in the brain, impacting long-term memory.Benefits of Choosing Baby’s Only Essentials DHA & ARADHA & ARA Fatty Acids are known to concentrate in a fetus’ developing brain and eye retina at a rate that increases as the pregnancy progresses. This accumulation of DHA & ARA in the brain and retina continues even after birth. Baby’s Only DHA & ARA source of fatty acids is from the natural goodness of egg-yolk phospholipids. This differs from C. cohnii oil (algae) & M. alpina oil (fungus) used in infant formulas, which are hexane extracted, deodorized and bleached. A recent study concluded that egg phospholipid was more …

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If you don’t mind the smell similar to baby formula this will be OK for you but that smell turns my stomach so was unable to use although my daughter didn’t seem to mind the taste in her cereal. Gave to a friend and she had no problems with it and her son took it well in his cereal.
EugeniaZanoni, MO

Best supplement if you must use formula

Breast milk has a plethora of advantages over formula. Until recently, one of these advantages was that it contained DHA and ARA, fatty acids that are important components of brain structure.

Recently, manufacturers have begun adding DHA and ARA to their infant formula. Some studies have indicated that addition of DHA and ARA to formula provides an advantage of 6-7 IQ points over normal formula, nearly as much as the IQ point advantage of breast fed babies.

However, the DHA and ARA added to infant formulas are chemically extracted from certain species of algae and mold using solvents, and are not identical to the DHA and ARA found in breast milk. There have also been reports that the DHA and ARA supplemented formula causes diarrhea in some children. In our daughter, it seemed to cause softer and messier stool, though it wasn’t quite diarrhea.

Baby’s only DHA and ARA is extracted from egg yolks using a water based process, and thus may avoid some small risk associated with the solvent extracted versions. It’s mixed into formula that isn’t fortified with DHA and ARA or into other foods. We use it with Baby’s Only toddler formula, and it does not cause messy stool with our daughter.

Breast feeding is still better than any formula, of course – it has other advantages, such as a protective effect against infections that the formula makers haven’t figured out yet. However, if you must formula feed for some reason – for us, my wife’s pumping at work didn’t keep up with the baby’s demand, and eventually we also had to stop breast feeding to try to start a second baby – mixing Baby’s Only DHA and ARA supplement into a nonsupplemented formula is probably the next best thing.

MargueriteWellborn, TX

Easy to Use/Easily Tolerated

This product is easy to mix into my daughter’s milk or yogurt and doesn’t seem to upset her stomach. It is a nice alternative to cod liver oil which can really upset a little one’s stomach. My only complaint is that when shaking milk to mix it up, it does become quite foamy and takes a while to settle.
LeannaYaphank, NY

My little monkey loves this stuff!

As another reviewer mentioned, cod liver oil is extremely yucky (no matter how much they try and flavor it) and your little guy or gal will probably not be shy about letting you know. This stuff actually tastes good. I sometimes even mix it in to pumped breast milk for that added kick. The only downside is the price, which is rather high per serving.
ClarineStar Tannery, VA

Best Omega product for babies and kids!

I’ve tried many omega products for my son; this is the best so far. Since it’s a powder, you can easily mix with any food that your kid loves to eat. I mix with yogurt, applesauce and milk. It’s easily mixed and dissolved. I’ve been using it since my son was 6 months. The best thing is that it’s not smelly at all like other omega products, so my son doesn’t even notice it in his yogurt. I highly recommend this product.
LymanWilliamsburg, VA

Great addition.

I choose to give this to my son once a day in addition to the Baby’s Only Lactose Free Formula. I like that the DHA comes from a food source and doesn’t go through the harsh process that “life’s DHA” does. It seems to make my son a bit more regular too, which is an added bonus.
MerilynGenesee Depot, WI

My little one does not like it

My 7 months old baby is formula fed and when we put this into her bottle she does not eat it. It is interesting because she does not mind her Shakelee multivitamin in it and I definitely can taste the iron in that(yes, I tried it before I gave it to her). We are going to wait a couple of days and try it again. Or when she is back to eating puree again I might try to mix in.
I still give it 4 stars because it is a great product.
LonnyParadise, TX