Back To Nature California Almonds, Sea Salt Roasted, 11-Ounce Pouches

No added oils

Quick facts

  • Pack of three, 11-ounce per unit(a total of 33 ounces)
  • 100% natural nonpareil California almonds
  • Steeped in sea salt and then gently roasted without any added oils
  • Prized for their superior size and taste
  • No preservatives; no artificial ingredients

Top reviews

Fresh and roasted to perfection

These almonds are excellent and have just enough salt. In general, most prepared foods have too much salt. Most Americans exceed their daily salt intake by two or three times the FDA suggested intake. Finally you have a lower sodium dry roasted nut that is fresh, roasted to perfection and reasonably priced. If you want more salt, lightly coat the nuts with some olive oil and break out your salt shaker.
NancieCrooksville, OH

Fresh and delicious

I only gave these a 4-star because I was disappointed in their not being saltier as you would expect when seeing “seasalt” on the label. They just taste like the average roasted, salted almond. They were very fresh and natural tasting, however, but I was craving an edgier, salty flavor and I won’t eat chips to get that. This is a much better alternative to chips for a treat as it’s high protein with a great helping of fiber. Almonds are one of the healthiest nuts to eat, especially raw, for their high fiber and I believe B vitamin content.

Back to Nature is one of the better and much fresher brands so stock up while they are on special! 🙂

BrantNiotaze, KS


I have been incorporating an ounce of almonds every day in my diet. This have been the best yet!
AshleyMathis, TX

Has Consistency Issues, but Overall Great

I was looking for a nutritious snack and always have been fond of almonds, but at the supermarkets in Providence they tend to always be over $10/lb. Additionally, they are often not roasted properly and tend to just taste gross.

Back To Nature California Almonds are only about $6.80/lb, are roasted very well, and unlike other brands like Blue Diamond, which are incredibly salty, these almonds have only slight amounts of salt which doesn’t give me bloating or headaches.

I have just finished my second 3-pack of Almonds, I go through about three a month. My only issue with them has been each 3-pack has had one package that has been of poor quality. The almonds in these packages taste very bitter, somewhat soft, and just plain unpleasant to eat. Even though I don’t expect all of the almonds to be identical, it would be nice all of the bags were of excellent quality, instead of two-thirds of them.

Overall, these almonds are a very solid and healthy snack, and a great value.

EvanSmall Point, ME

Quality item, but NOT fresh. Tastes old.

These were excellent quality almonds and they probably tasted excellent when first prepared. But everything has a shelf life, and these almonds taste “old”. The expiration date on the package was April 2012 (I got the shipment in first week September 2011). Storage conditions make a big difference. At the right storage (cool) temperature the salted almonds can preserve flavor. But, if exposed hot summer days in someone’s basement, then taste deterioriates rapidly. Sorry, but thumb down for taste.
SammieElkland, PA

Great Almonds

Best almonds I’ve had in a while, fresh perfectly salted, Excellent. Wish they would be a little cheaper since as soon as the get to my house they’re gone, would order weekly.
JamesBerkey, OH


DESCRIPTION: Lightly roasted and lightly salted; with no added oil

SIZE: 11oz bags

EVALUATION: Excellent and flavorful, however some are under-roasted and not crunchy. A few nuts taste stale.
> Blue Diamond brand almonds, moderately roasted with canola, safflower, or sunflower oil and lightly salted are more flavorful. Although not oily, the roasting oil does effect the flavor. Whether that’s a good thing or not is a matter of individual tastes. The longer or more intense roasting makes the nuts crunchier.

PRICE COMPARISON: At the time of this writing, both “Back-to-Nature” and “Blue Diamond” almonds are about 50 cents/oz Blue Diamond Almonds Roasted Salted, 6-Ounce Tins (Pack of 12) The Blue Diamond almonds come in more convenient 6 oz cans, but may be less environmental freindly.

RosemaryHinton, VA

These are great! Adicted!

I started buying these about a year ago because I wanted almonds with no added oils. I tried these and now I am hooked. I buy them routinely from Amazon. It is easy and I go through them pretty fast. I don’t know about the reviews that say they are not fresh. I have always found them to be great and will continue to buy them.
LuellaOxford, NE

Delicous Almonds

I have enjoyed these almonds very much. I even used one bag to make almond butter, which turned out delicious. Very handy to be able to order this product from Amazon and receive three bags. I’ve been pleased with the quality of the nuts in all the bags. No disappointing nuts for me!
KerriHampstead, MD

Natural, naked, hard to resist!

Well, not actually naked… a little touch of sea salt. I was looking for some almonds that were not processed with corn or soybean oil (very bad stuff btw) and didn’t include a long list of ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce. These fit the bill… Warning though… one bag might become a single serving! My wife and I limit ourselves to three bags per month! They are delicious, always fresh and contain just two ingredients: almonds and sea salt. Highly recommended!
DavinaHelper, UT

A lighter taste than most salted almonds

If you’re used to the salted almonds often found in the store that come in a can, these will taste somewhat bland in comparison. There is much less salt on these, however I still really like the taste. I think it’s just the right amount of salt to taste good, without going overboard.
FePearl River, NY

These are the best !!!!!!!

These are the best Almonds. The sea salt roasted add a real great flavor. They go very fast in our house and we are forever checking when the next shipment will arrive. They are also a great source of calcium.
MonaJolley, IA

I love these!

These almonds are generally great. We did get a batch once that was stale and not so great, but we have gotten a lot of these and that was the situation with only one order. I would highly recommend these. They are not greasy and super salty like some almonds. They are the perfect saltiness- which is not very. They are also roasted perfectly and are delicious!
HarriettTutwiler, MS

These almonds are just right

These almonds have just the right amount of salt, they taste great. If you like almonds I highly recommend these.
LeonieMilford, DE

Very Nice

I bought these for one of my kids for final week. I got to taste them and I certainly did enjoy them.

My daughter said she would like them better without the salt. Me too, however these are not too salty for either of us.

For those who like salt and Almonds… you’ll love these! Enjoy them!

DewayneInternational Falls, MN