Back To Nature California Almonds, Unroasted & Unsalted, 11-Ounce Pouches

Back to nature california almonds, unroasted & unsalted, 11-ounce pouches (pack of 3) is our 100% natural unroasted and unsalted California Almonds, we select only nonpareil almonds, which are prized for their superior size and flavor, and then steam clean them for a delicious pure taste and natural crunch.

Quick facts

  • Pack of three, 11-ounce pouches (total of 33-ounces)
  • Only nonpareil almonds
  • A delicious pure taste and natural crunch

Top reviews


I am so disappointed with these almonds. They are soft and have a slightly bitter flavor. I roasted one bag hoping it would crisp them up, which it did, but didn’t improve the flavor. At least my dog likes them.
MackenzieMilnor, ND

Horibbly stale

I was terribly disappointed when i popped one of these almonds in my mouth and felt like i was chewing rubber. The almonds came stale. I did order these together with back to nature’s salted and roasted almonds and those were very good. Guess I wont be buying any more of these though

Edit: Amazon decided to give me a refund on the almonds without me even requesting for it. Thank you Amazon! Thats real customer service and thats why I will continue being a loyal customer.

JunePhilippi, WV

Wonderful almonds – Very fresh

I find these almonds to be absolutely wonderful–fresh, sweet and tasty. (I wonder if perhaps the reviewers who thought theirs were stale might not have been used to the different texture of raw almonds. Just a thought.) Of all the raw almonds I have tried through Amazon, these offered by Back to Nature are my absolute favorites. Thank you for a yummy, 100% natural, satisfying treat.
KarlPort Matilda, PA

Healthy and Delicious

I bought these almonds because Amazon had a good sale going on. I really liked them. I usually buy a couple of pounds of unroasted unsalted almonds a week at the local grocery store sold by a well known national brand. These Back to Nature almonds were far superior. They were fresher. I also like the pack that could be resealed. They came in 3 convenient packs so that you don’t have to have a huge bag open while you try to finish it.

If you use almonds, you will enjoy these.

DenisseLittle York, NJ

Back to Nature California Almonds Unroasted & Unsalted – 11 oz.

I purchased a bag of the Back to Nature California Almonds in the Green Wise section of my local Publix. They were a bit pricey, but they are certainly worth it.

The nuts are raw and have therefore not been roasted or salted. The nuts were is excellent condition–very few broken pieces with the exception of those broken during my trip from market to home.

The 11 oz. package was filled with whole almonds. The package was also easy to open and easy to reseal for freshness.

The nuts were super fresh and super tasty. The package contains about 11 servings (1 oz – 24 nuts).

Each serving is 160 cal., 14 g fat, 1 g sat. fat, 3.5 g poly fat, 9 g mono fat, 200 mg potassium, 6 g carbs, 3 g fiber, and 1 g sugar.

The nuts are 100% natural California almonds that contain no artificial perservatives or artificial ingredients. The nuts are distributed by the Back to Nature Food Company in Madison, WI.

The package offers an expiration date, a clear warning for parents, and a safety website: Do not give nuts to children under 6; chocking hazard.

CamilleOkeechobee, FL

Stale each time

I bought these almonds twice (3 packs each) and both timese they were horrible. They were small and stale (all packs). Embarrassed to serve them to my friends. Would not recommend.
BoNewport, NJ

What almonds are

Basically just what almonds are supposed to be.
Unroasted, unsalted, aka not as tasty as ones you’d munch on while drinking beer,
but healthy of course, which is the only reason I bought the product.
Tastes just like what you’d expect unroasted&unsalted almonds would taste like. I have absolutely no complaints.
FrancescaBruceton, TN

not so fresh

I am not sure about this product. I have opened the first of three bags of the almonds and they seem to be stale. They are not crunchy like they should be. I will retract if the second and third bags are different. If they are the same, I will be canceling future orders and checking on return and refund.
CaryBrookton, ME

past due

These almonds tasted awful. I would have returned them or tried to get a replacement, but could not find that option. They tasted like they were past the fresh date. Maybe the squirrels will eat them.
LeanaNewburg, MD

Expensive, low quality

For some reason I thought these were organic when I ordered them, probably because the price was about forty percent more (on subscribe and save) than I’m used to paying at Target. But they aren’t organic and they also seemed a little old and shriveled.
ErrolLoranger, LA


I do not see any difference from the higher priced ones so why waste money. A pretty good buy in that case.
DianaSidon, MS

Great Almonds!

Nice, fresh, raw almonds. They taste great. I like that the bag is resealable to keep them from going stale, although they won’t be around that long.
ArnoldoDuncansville, PA


These almonds are big and tasty. There are 3 packages in the order making the cost about the same or better then from a major supermarket.
SuziGrant, AL

I love you, almonds.

Just yummy, yummy almonds – nothing more, nothing less. Nicely portioned packs that don’t have the time to dry out before you finish them. The almonds themselves are fantastic, great flavor and texture. I eat them plain as a snack and I greatly appreciate that they’re not coated in oil or salt. They are a great addition to hot oatmeal, I toss a small handful in with some dried fruit and let them sit for a few minutes to soften up. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Now I can’t wait for morning so I can have some! If I’m feeling exceedingly charitable I might toss a couple to the squirrels that live in my yard while snacking on the front porch.

Let us not forget that being part of the Subscribe & Save program makes them even more of a value! Brought right to my door by the smiling deliveryman, I may just give him a bag the next time I see him. I love managing my regularly-purchased dry goods through Amazon. Talk about a time-saver and I get access to products that I can’t find in my local grocery.

SharlaDycusburg, KY

Awesome Almonds!

These things are habit forming! Opened up the bag and was immediately impressed by how sweet they were. Nice texture and absolutely delicious. Mixed with non-sulphered raisins for a healthy yet sweet treat the entire family is fighting over. Delicious!
KatherineHowe, ID