Back to Nature White Cheddar & Spirals Dinner, 6.5-Ounce Boxes

Who doesn’t appreciate the delicious pleasure of a creamy pasta and cheese dinner? Especially when it can be enjoyed without artificial flavors or preservatives. And with a creamy cheese sauce mix made with real, certified-organic cheese. Back to Nature has created its own choice of delicious pasta dinners to these very standards that are bound to be family favorites.

Quick facts

  • Case of 12 6.5-ounce boxes (total of 78 ounces)
  • Made with organic white Cheddar cheese
  • Good source of calcium, protein, and five essential nutrients.
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Product of the USA

Top reviews

Buyer Beware

I ordered this product and only received one box of the Back to Nature White Cheddar & Spirals Dinner instead of 12 boxes. did charge me for the entire case though. They tried another time to send me the correct package but again I only got one box. They told me I could keep the two boxes for my troubles and they would cancel my order. However, a month later they charged my credit card for the two boxes! I had to call and have them take the charge off. This product was more trouble than it was worth.
IvoryCohutta, GA


Must be my taste buds as other reviews says it’s great. I think it is awful but my dog ate it. I do see one review that says mom doctors it up with sour cream. Might improve it. If this is better than Annie’s, I would hate to taste Annie’s.
LaritaWestford, MA

Try a Box Before Buying a Case – a review of BTN’s Mac & Cheese

I like organic. We do organic milk and meat (and vegetables when we can afford them). My children like macaroni and cheese – not my homemade casserole that I sweat and work over–of course lol). But only Mac that comes out of a box. [My hubby likes my casserole btw]

In any case, you would think organic *Back to Nature Macaroni & Cheese* that comes out of the box would be popular at our house but it’s not. Simple put, my children won’t eat it. We have tried three different kinds –white cheddar, regular, and special shapes–all with the same results.

Perhaps it is because of the *lack of chemicals* that the cheese sauce comes out a little grainy. Or maybe I just made it wrong, but my testy tikes won’t gobble this down like non-organic, over-processed wheat Kraft Mac.

Two Stars. Maybe I just had a couple of bad boxes. Or maybe I just didn’t make it right that day, but my two (boy and girl) would not eat this macaroni and cheese product. If you are going to try it (products do get IMPROVED every day) then my advice would be to buy ONE box and try it; and not a case.

HanneloreDille, WV

Great with a few extra ingredients added.

I am a huge fan of organic foods and have experimented for years on how to get my children to eat things that are better for them. That said, this pasta is as good as any other on the market, but you can make it wonderful just by adding two simple ingredients. After I take the pasta out of the pan to drain it, I add about a tablespoon of light margarine (any soft butter-type spread will work) and about 3 tablespoons of fat free sour cream (you may also use plain yogurt). I whisk the cheese powder into this mixture and then add the pasta back to the mix. My kids finish an entire box EVERY time. Try it!
HarrisVilla Grove, CO

I think it tastes great

I am a very healthy eater and once you get away from processed foods for a while I believe your taste buds change. That being said, I think the Back to Nature mac & cheese products taste great, especially the white cheddar. I make it with a little more butter and a little less milk which makes for a creamier, cheesier meal.
KatherineBrush, CO

Like the Mom Below, A Favorite for Us as Well!

Back to Nature’s Spirals and White Cheddar not only makes me, as a parent, feel good about what my daughter is eating, but it’s taken me back to my own childhood when powdered mac and cheese meals were something to crow over. My daughter, like many kiddies, can be a picky eater, but she always comes around when I make her this. Heck, I’ve even fixed for myself and LOVE the taste. I don’t always use organic milk, but regular two percent works great in this and my daughter just can’t get enough. We never dress it up, eat it as is and it is wonderful. A nice break from the American cheese colored mac and cheese brands. My only advice–it tates much better when the pasta is cooked al dente, which takes very litle time with these tiny spirals. Overcooked and it takes on a very different milder texture. I also advise using only the third cup amount of milk they suggest. Too much, and the taste of the white cheddar gets diluted. Too, this sells for a buck fifty plus tax in the grocery store. On Amazon, you’re saving thirty-two cents a box with this 12-pack. Can you say, college fund?
AngelineEdisto Island, SC

My Son’s Favorite

I purchased this among other BTN pasta’s during a promotion from Amazon. I needed a product without citric acid and this being organic was a Bonus! The only thing I was a tiny upset about was that only the sauce is organic, not the pasta itself. Besides that VERY happy with this product. My kids love it! And my very PICKY 4 y.o son calls this his favorite! It was hard for me to get him to try it, but once he did he wants it all the time! I like it too, I dont need to really dress it up or anything as others have said. Prefer over Annies Homegrown products.
KimbraSuperior, IA