BackCountry Coffee Roasters Organic Basecamp Espresso, 16-Ounce Bags


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Took a little getting used to

This coffee was okay, nothing like Trader Joe’s (my fave) but all in all, it was a great organic coffee.
MagdalenFountain City, IN

Basecamp from Backcountry

If you are looking for fresh, organic coffee roasted to perfection, Basecamp coffee is definitely worth a try! This is the most consistent, quality roast I’ve found by far. Living in Seattle, that is no easy task as I am surrounded by the king of coffee’s. Yet Backcountry Coffee roasters comes through with an amazingly bold Espresso roast. I highly recommend this product… you won’t be disappointed!
MarquettaNewell, PA

Basecamp from Backcountry

WOW! This coffee is amazing…Backcountry coffee is probably the most consistant, freshest whole bean coffee I’ve experienced. The Espresso roast (Basecamp) is full bodied and aromatic. Unlike other beans that end up dry or overly coated with oils, this roast is consistant from bag to bag. This is an exceptional value for the highest quality, best tasting espresso roast I’ve had! I highly recommend this coffee!
KrissyCromona, KY

best organic espresso yet…

Coffee beans are one of those food items that can be very high in pesticide residues, so along with bananas, milk, lettuce and a few other things, we added coffee to our ‘must buy organic’ list. After being thoroughly spoiled by Lavazza super crema, Lavazza gran riserva, and Filicori Zecchini gran crema forte, we had a hard time finding an organic espresso that wouldn’t disappoint. We’ve been using BackCountry organic basecamp espresso for three weeks now, and are thoroughly delighted. Although the crema (foam) isn’t quite as pronounced as you get with the italian espressos I mentioned, the taste is excellent! It’s creamier and less bitter than other organic espressos i’ve tried, and is a solid replacement for the Lavazza super crema (in taste, not crema). If the price stays comparable to Lavazza, we’ll stick with BackCountry for our morning routine.
ElliPaintsville, KY

Good beans!

Very satisfied with this city roast (espresso roast)! The beans make a great cup of latte and americano, not sure how it taste as a shot as I don’t drink straight espresso. The one thing that stands out with these beans to me is the fact that the coffee doesn’t go sour after it’s been in your cup for awhile. Yes…you’re suppose to drink your coffee within 15 minutes of when it’s made, but I like to drink some now and save a little later to see if I need more kick when the caffeine has activated in your system.

The beans also smell great and I keep them in my bean-vac to ensure freshness and grind only what I need each time. The grinds seem more dense than most of what I’ve tried before. After putting it in the perc, it doesn’t pack down as much as most other beans.

HermineLake City, MI