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Want to enjoy your bacon anytime of the day? Then you need Bacon Gumballs ! And who can blame you? Bacon is a powerful force and we are but disciples doing our part to spread the gustatory gospel.

Quick facts

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  • Nice gift for your bacon lover !
  • 22 bacon flavored pieces in a shrink wrapped tin.
  • 1.4 oz (40g)

Top reviews

So much fun!

I bought a tin of these because I like bacon, I like gum, so how could I lose. Well after trying one, these quickly turned into one of the best pranks in the office. We have been in tears from both laughter and the smell of these wondrous treats!
JenaeLiterberry, IL

Should have saved my money…

I should have saved my money, but curiosity got the best of me. I did not have great expectations for this product, but when it arrived, I was surprised to see how small the gumballs were,that when chewed became pretty small in the mouth. The flavor left something to be desired, as it had a smokey chemical taste to them which to me was not enjoyable. Perhaps it would be enjoyed by someone else. By the way I love bacon, but this was not bacon.
KacieCle Elum, WA

These are bad

Try the bacon mints if your going for a gag gift. Everyone who tried these spit them out, they taste terrible.
CharlynLedgewood, NJ

bacon gumballs

couldn’t stop laughing in the store, so just had to buy them. they smell kinda like bacon, but taste like something the dentist uses for fillings in your teeth
next time take the time to laugh, but keep the cash in the pocket…………
BobbyCoin, IA

Pickle gum!

Great gag gift, the flavor doesnt last long but its cheap! I <3 it, my friends love it. Everyone you get it for will lov eit. Obviously not educational.. But, it doesnt even taste that bad!
TiaraRollins Fork, VA

Mints are much better

I really enjoyed the cupcake mints so i thought I would try the gum as well. However, the gum didn’t taste as good to me. I guess it comes down to personal taste.
KaseyTilly, AR

not that great

i order this pickle gum as a gag gift , came in a big box but a very small package it was cute was fun when someone opened it, but then u do try it an theres not much of a pickle taste an what little taste there is goes fast
MarcPleasant Hill, CA

Adorable but flavor is gone almost right away

O ordered for my daughter I told her the amazon fairy sent her gum her eyes lite up as far as that surprise factor awesome….cute tin…but gum stinks taste ok for about. 3 mins and then the flavor is gone my little one asked me about 10 times for a new piece because it started tasting blehhhh. But it does make a really cute surprise or gift for little ones I’ll give it that much.
MarindaNewark, IL

Great idea

I love the idea of bacon anything…I bought this for my kids for Christmas and they all got a laugh out of it, but none of them liked the taste. I would still recommend for the novelty, but don’t expect that it’s gonna taste good.
ChelsieRutherford, NJ

bacon gum

Ordered this gum for my daughter and it was not only missing 2 pieces of gum but it taste horrible! Would not recommend to anyone!
CorrinaWilliston, TN

Nasty taste

Got this as a gag gift which was great for that purpose. However, I made the mistake of actually trying this. It was awful! Still, it served its purpose. My husband no longer thinks that EVERYTHING is better with bacon! LOL
AlysiaDover, DE