Badia Annato Seed, 1-Ounce

Badia Annato Seed is used as a dye for a variety of dishes such as rice, vegetables, meat stews and fish, annato is found in the pulp that covers the seeds of a native Caribbean tree. For proper use, it is necessary to heat one cup of vegetable oil with half a cup of annatto seed, strain it and apply it in the desired amount. It is traditional in Mexico and the Caribbean and Latin America. It is used in many cooked dishes like use with poultry, red meat, white meat, cooked vegetables, soups, rice and potatoes. Poultry, red meat, white meat, fish, sea food, cooked vegetables, raw vegetables, soups, egg dishes, dairy dishes, rice, potatoes and sauces.

Quick facts

  • Annato Seed Cello (Pack of 12)

Top reviews

Just the right amount

I know you can buy these in bulk for cheap but I don’t like to scoop the seeds out then try to figure out if they’re too much or too little. If your cooking with annato seeds for the first time just be aware that it has some bitterness to it you can counter it with some sugar but that might change the flavor of your food.
AikoSouth Prairie, WA

never had it before

So I don’t know if this is “good” or “bad” annato seed. I just know I can’t buy it locally, so got it here.
PhoebeRiverside, WA