Badia Black Pepper Ground, 2-Ounce

White pepper is the result of a process which includes the elimination of the outer shell of a red berry, giving the pepper a more refined flavor and a more discreet appearance in delicate sauces.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 2-Ounce (Total of 24-Ounces)
  • Will add a fragrant bouquet and flavor to your favorite dishes.
  • Use to marinate meats and to prepare sauces, soups, and salads.

Top reviews

Discover Badia.

Across the board, Badia seasonings are in a class all by themselves. And this
medium grind pepper is much much better than any other off the shelf name brand
you’ll find locally.

This Badia pepper is sourced from the Mediterranean, and has a hot, sharp bite
with a clean, lemony finish. Its perfect on meats, fish, salads, baked potatoes,
on poultry and pork…and even on fresh cut cantaloupe. There is literally nothing
this wonderful pepper doesn’t improve. And maybe the two best things about Badia
is that a) its available everywhere, and b) its less expensive than other brand

AllanWindsor, NC