Baker’s Bittersweet Chocolate, 6-Ounce Boxes

Ideal for dipping, baking & frosting.

Quick facts

  • One 6-ounce bar containing approximately 12 servings
  • Made with cocoa butter and vanilla
  • Melts smoothly and easily
  • Top-selling baking squares in the U.S.
  • Great for baking, dipping, and candy making

Top reviews

baker’s bittersweet chocolate

Excellent for baking, making frosting, etc. I could not find this in the grocery store. I was happy to find it on Amazon!
KennithRansom Canyon, TX

huge price increase!!!!

I love to have this chocolate on hand for baking, and my husband eats a chunk of it every day because he read somewhere that it is good for lowering BP. I think he may have made this up- but Amazon’s price was great and now we have a good supply.

6/14/2010 Update
Sadly, this product has gone from 38.00/case of 12 to 69.00/case. I can’t imagine why, and cannot get a reply from Amazon about this price increase. I am going to have to find a more reasonably priced alternative, or buy it at our local grocery store where the price has not increased.

CarlenePurdin, MO