Bakers & Chefs Peanut Oil – 35 lbs.

High heat stability, use for frying.

Quick facts

  • 35 pounds
  • Foodservice handled jug
  • Ideal for foodservice and catering
  • Kosher
  • 100% Pure Peanut oil

Top reviews

Same thing at Sam’s Club for less than $35.00

This is a GREAT product. Use it all the time, but don’t buy it here for $168!!!! You can get it elsewhere, including Sam’s Club, for less than $35. Same size, same company, same everything for way less than half the price!!!!
DorindaTaftsville, VT

I like to use peanut oil in frying and baking.

Peanut oil is good for baking and frying. It does not have an odor in baking and it does not easily burn at high temperatures when frying. I am just a regular house wife who likes to cook. Peanut oil does not make my house stink. I used to be afraid of frying because of the smell but that has changed. I am more willing to fry now. I tried to find peanut oil in regular grocery stores but couln’t. Costco used to carry it but not any more. I ordered through and I am very happy with the purchase.
LenFarmington, AR