Bakto Flavors Natural Coffee Extract, 29 ml

Brighten up your cakes, frostings, drinks, and other entertaining recipes with flavors from nature. Natural coffee extract in 29ml (3oz) bottle, kosher pareve under the supervision of the OU of the United States, and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. Contains natural coffee flavor with other natural flavors, water, and propylene glycol.

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Exquisitely good

I LOVE coffee. I not only grind my own beans, I roast them as well, and try beans from all over the world. At the same time, I am unable to eat anything containing sugar (or other sweeteners or chemical additives). So when I happened upon this coffee extract at a local store and realized it was simply pure extract of coffee, with nothing added, I bought the one bottle they had.

Wow! The stuff is exquisitely good. For lunch I often make myself a protein and fruit “shake” with a banana, apple, homemade yogurt, an egg, a little orange juice — and a tiny shot of this extract (a little goes a long way), all topped with a sprinkle of nutmeg. The extract adds amazing and complex coffee flavor: rich with simultaneously subtle overtones. Though I no longer eat wheat or other grains either, I CAN imagine how good this would be in cake or other baked goods. (I intend to try it in a couple of the nut-flour based baked items I make, using it instead of almond extract.)

This is the only Bakto Flavor extract I’ve tried (so far). But based on how good it is, I certainly intend to try more of them. And I very much appreciate that they have no additives, and especially not sugar (or alchohol). My only regret is that it doesn’t come in a bigger bottle. And it’s a tad expensive — though I understand why!

ExieSanbornton, NH