Balconi Mini-Tiramisu Snack Cakes – 10 cakes per pack

Mini Tiramisu cakes from Balconi are made with chocolate and mascarpone cream. The elegant portion size creates an ideal situation for any tiramisu aficionado. You could place all the mini cakes in the refrigerator or just one at a time. It is always suggested to serve tiramisu semifreddo (dessert served cold, but not frozen). You will not be disappointed with the moist and flavorful mini tiramisu cakes. This is a wonderful selection for anyone who is looking for a small snack without committing to creating or buying an entire cake.

Quick facts

  • Manufactured by: Balconi SpA – Milano, Italy
  • net weight: 300 grams
  • Allergy advice: wheat, gluten, egg, milk, soy, nuts.

Top reviews

Tastes nothing like real tiramisu

Should’ve figured this out- a product that is shipped unrefrigerated can’t have any dairy in it, and therefore cannot contain any of the wonderful filling of real tiramisu. It’t more like sponge cake with generic, flavorless ‘creme’ spread inside. No coffee taste, no liquor-soaked ladyfingers, no cool creamy dairy; boring. Not worth the calories.
DonnetteAustin, PA