Bali’s Best Coffee, Espresso and Latte Candy Three Pack, 5.3oz

42 individually wrapped candies from Indonesia. Hand picked Arabica coffee which use natural extracts grown in the Toraja Province of Northern Indonesian Isands.

Quick facts

  • Bali’s Best Coffee, Espresso and Latte Candy
  • Each bag is 5.3oz
  • Pack of 3, One of each flavor

Top reviews

Simply the worst coffee candy out there.

I’ve tried numerous coffee candies and this is by far the worst I’ve ever had. I should have known, seeing the main ingredient as Glucose syrup. Not only does it break up in your mouth, but the texture of the center goop is nauseating like a blob of snot. It breaks into sharp shards first, then you get the gross inner surprise…bleh!!! If you like high fructose type syrup, then this crap is for you.
InesSutter, IL

Won’t buy again.

There is a little coffee flavor as soon as you pop one in your mouth but it disappears almost immediately.
OllieLogsden, OR

latte candy

This is delicious and enjoyed by others that I have shared with and they want to know how and where to buy so I have told them.
SkyeLocust Fork, AL

the best coffee candy that I have ever tasted.

I was extremly happy with this purchase. These COFFE CANDIES Are THE BEST I’ve ever tasted. mds
RozanneJane Lew, WV

The proverbial mixed bag

I love coffee flavored candy, so I figured this would be right up my alley.

In my opinion, the Coffee Candy is the best of the three. No filling, nothing fancy, just nice rich, yummy, coffee flavor.

The Latte Candy would be my second favorite. These have a sweet, milky center. It tastes nice, but has a slightly chalky texture.

The Espresso Candy wasn’t so great. These have a gooey coffee center. The flavor is good. I didn’t like the texture of the filling. Another issue with the Espresso is that many of the ones in my assortment were broken, making them a sticky inedible mess inside the wrapper. The Coffee and Latte flavors were all unbroken.

I have no regrets ordering the assortment, but in the future, I’ll stick to ordering the Coffee candy and pass on the Espresso and Latte.

VeolaSterling, UT

Who needs coffee?

The candy is very tasty. Very pleasant, not too sweet, not too strong – perfect. Espresso and Latte have delicious soft filling inside. Impressive.
LeonoraClements, MD

Best Coffee Candy Ever!!!

My favorites are the Latte and Espresso candies. Very strong and rich tasting. I highly recommend these to anyone who loves coffee.
AraceliMc Neil, AR

if you love coffee….

I am not really a coffee drinker, but these hard candies are amazing. The Espresso is a bit stronger coffee taste with a soft espresso center, the regular is a bit milder but a good balance and the Latte’ is a bit creamier.
CassiPeru, VT

Amazon’s delicious way for a fast “cup’ of coffee.

Coffee candy is a fast and easy way to get caffeine in my body to start my day. All three flavors are delicious.
BiancaMohler, WA

One out of three not so good

I had prior experience with Bali’s Best Coffee and have always enjoyed it. Consequently, I was eager to try Bali’s Espresso and Latte Candy. However, I found the espresso to be disappointing. It has the taste of strong but stale coffee although another person might have a different reaction. I have not yet tasted the latte. Overall, I think United and Kopico are better than Bali’s.
YaekoTefft, IN

Amazons Balis IS the Best!

I have tried almost every coffee candy there is and Bali is my number one choice. The coffee flavor is just the right amount and the balance of sugar with the coffee is perfect. You can’t go wrong!
KenyattaBear Branch, KY

Great candy

This candy is really great. Everybody that I have given it to also loves it. The soft centers and coffee flavor are a winning combination.
MayGenoa, IL

will be buying again!

I just put this in my cart because it was low-cost and I needed something to bring my total to $25 for the free shipping. Well, the ploy worked – I bought it the first time AND I’ll be buying it again. I’m not nuts about coffee-flavored candy but I thought I’d give it a try. Really good for when that I’ve-gotta-have-something-sweet in the afternoon hits.
KevaDover, KS

great quality..goes a long way

First of all, I think these candies are great. One a day is enough for me. So, these packages will last. Great candy…real coffee.
AnjanetteBlanks, LA