Bar Harbor New England Style Lobster Bisque — 10.5 oz

All-natural seafood speaks for itself. The taste of wind, weather and clear cold water; it’s not a taste that needs improving. Bar Harbor creates the Downeast style Lobster Bisque in small batches blending fresh minced lobster and simple, all natural ingredients pureed to a smooth, creamy finish; the savory aroma and rich seafood flavor will transport you to New England’s coastal kitchens. It’s as close to “fresh off the docks of Maine” as you can get without being there. Bar Harbor is a special place.You can taste it!

Quick facts

  • All Natural, No Preservatives
  • Small-batch produced
  • Restaurant-quality

Top reviews

The Lobster Bisque was Quite Good.

I had a simple lunch today. It consisted of a 10.5-ounce serving (one can) of Bar Harbor New England Style Lobster Bisque and a couple pumpkin seed cheddar crispbreads. Very good, and just the right size. The Lobster Bisque was excellent. Nice flavor and nice mix of ingredients, including the minced lobster, of course. I’ve been trying out the Bar Harbor seafoods of late and they’re quite excellent, as was this lobster bisque. It’s a little high in fat and cholesterol so I’ll watch the intake on my other foods of the day. The sodium is a bit high too. Alas, if something is really good, you can just bet it overindulges in the wrong ingredients.

Gary Peterson

HannaOakfield, NY