Barbara’s Snackimals Cookies, Oatmeal, 2.125 Ounce

In 1971, when Barbara started our company, the Bay Area was buzzing with young people full of a desire to express their love for all people. The world was changing daily as they created their own paths and sought to turn others onto new directions. Barbara, then 17, found her calling in real food and opened a small natural bakery in Northern California. She had a simple plan—make wholesome food taste incredibly delicious. Inspired by good health, family, and the kitchen table as the cornerstones of the good life, she used whole grains and oats just as nature intended—keeping things simple and real. The bakery exceeded her wildest dreams and grew from a storefront start-up to a thriving wholesale business. Since those first loaves more than 40 years ago, our product offerings have grown to include cereals, snack bars, cookies, and cheese puffs. We carry on Barbara’s commitment to create simple, wholesome, and delicious products with the most honest ingredients.

Quick facts

  • Crunchy and delicious, with the wholesome flavor of oatmeal
  • A sweet treat you can feel good about giving your kids
  • Made with organic grains
  • No hydrogenated oils, no artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives
  • Non-GMO Project Verified

Top reviews

Delicious cookies, but not single serving packs

Let me start by saying that I really like these cookies. If you’re going to give your child cookies, these are not so bad healthwise. However, the size leads you to believe that one bag contains a single serving, when it actually contains 2 servings at 120 calories each. That’s a bit too many calories in a snack for a young child, I think. I buy snack packs so that when I’m on the go, I can open a bag and hand it to my kid. I don’t feel that I can do that with these.
JuanStanton, KY

Bit Too Dry

These don’t taste like cardboard, thankfully; they have a pleasant, subtle almost nutty flavor, as if peanut butter is in them. However, the texture, even in the center of the cookie, is not moist at all!! I was hoping the outside would be slightly crunchy while the inside was softer and moist. They also crumble easily. They are alright but nothing I’d purchase again.
ElouiseLafayette, NJ


These cookies may be “wheat free”, but they are made from Barley Flour which is NOT acceptable for Celiac folks on a gluten free diet. They came up on my Gluten Free Cookie search and I almost ordered them before reading the ingredients. Please note that I have not tried the cookies since they are not gluten free; therefore my rating is not indicative of the taste or quality of this product – the site would not let me post this without giving a rating so I just chose the middle of the scale rating.
ErynCharm, OH

Good but subjectively not 5 star

I realize that taste is a matter of personal preference so food reviews are always going to be hit or miss for your tastes. Got the cookies, liked them but they didn’t quite send me the way other folks seem to take to them. Not bad and I don’t feel I wasted my money but I’ll probably look for something else next time I’m ordering snacks for work.
HobertBrookport, IL


This was another great find on Amazon Grocery!! They are very tasty, crunchy little cookies. My family has really enjoyed these, they have a great mild chocolate taste and quite the crunch. Most of the animal crackers/cookies that I’ve purchased for my family have become dismembered sometime before my children get them out of the package, these are mostly whole and you can really tell what the critter is before you pop it in your mouth … Extra fun snack time for the little ones. All in all, the box of cookies is well worth the price and I feel good about packing healthier snacks in my children’s backpacks for school.
YasmineCanisteo, NY

Excellent Cookies

I have been in search of a healthy alternative for animal crackers. This product is the bomb!! they are so flavorful, and a perfect consistancy. Highly reccomend!
DeliaBound Brook, NJ

animal cookies

We always order these instead of candies. They seem to go over better with the parents and I hope the kids for Halloween.
JesseniaPurlear, NC

You’re never too old for animal crackers

Barbara’s Snackimals make me feel like a kid, but now that I’m a bit older, it’s nice to know that these are a bit healthier. The oatmeal variety taste great and have a unique texture. I prefer the snack-sized bags, otherwise I’d eat the whole thing!
BenedictEdgewood, TX

A sweet, healthy treat

Low sugar, low fat, a measured amount, and sweet and chocolatey enough to satisfy my evening sweet tooth cravings.
PearlineArlington, VA

Crumbly goodness

Perfect, healthy, world-conscious snack. The cookies can be a bit crumbly, but the taste overrides this fact. I love buying from a company that cares about our world and is environmentally conscious.
RemonaDuncan, SC

love ’em!

I am always looking for a snack that is low in sugar and organic, these are perfect. I love them as much as my 2yo.
JimmyMc Intosh, FL

Great Buy!!! By buying in bulk and auto-ship it cuts the cost down to approx. 0.62 per bag! Cost in stores is $1.00

AndriaUnion Mills, IN

Great little snack

When you want something sweet but don’t want a big bag of cookies open next to you, here is the solution. These cookies taste great and the manufacturer cares about this world that we live in – a win/win buy!
KymberlyNorwood, PA

Great cookies!

Our son has a mild allergy to products that contain wheat and these cookies are a great snack for him. He is very picky about what he likes for a snack and these are at the top of his list.
ConcepcionWoodstock, VT

Great taste!

We love these animal crackers. The texture is nice and crunchy, and the flavor is awesome. My husband loves them so much that he doesn’t even mind taking a “kid snack” to work.:-)
I’ve also found that if we get a box that’s been damaged and broken up – the crumbs make an awesome pie crust!
JeaneneGoodwin, SD

Great Animal Crackers

My children have sensitivities to many food ingredients, including cane sugar. I am thrilled to find a “cookie” that they like and does not contain all of the yuck that you find in traditional cookies.
LeifSargent, GA

Barbara’s Snackimals Animal Cookies

I purchase these cookies for lunch and snack cravings because they are a healthy treat. Buying in bulk is an added bonus on savings.
GayFredonia, KS


Very tasty cookies. Good size portion for lunch pails or to take along. Chocolatey taste, good price. Shipping was fast as well. We love them and as far as cookies go, they are healthier than most AND taste great.
KeniaCastalia, NC

Best Animal Cookies!

I’ve been eating these for a couple of years now as they used to sell them in an organic supermarket I worked near. They’re extremely tasty and way better for you than most other cookies. You would never know it was a healthier choice. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not replacing your veggies for the day or anything but it’s definitely a smart snack choice when you’re craving sweet… and the kind of snack you get hooked on! It’s also a great option for kids and even comes in snack packs for their lunches!
RonnieDunbar, WV

Great snack, good ingredients, healthy alternative

So far we have tried vanilla, oatmeal and chocolate chip varieties of Barbara’s Snackimals and like all of them. Ingredients are quite good and per bag price is very reasonable–even more so on auto-delivery. Large 2+ ounce single servings are quite satisfying when you want something slightly sweet and crunchy with only 120 calories and modest fat content. The only change we have made to our auto-delivery schedule is to have them shipped more frequently.
RayleneDerry, PA

Flavor Not What I Was Expecting

I purchased these based on a recommendation from the Hungry Girl emails as a great low fat snack. These are ok, but the flavor is definitely not what I was expecting, there is almost a burnt quality to the flavor. Also, the serving size doesn’t seem like that much since the cookies are very thin. For similar nutritionals you can have about the same amount of Keebler Elfin Crackers, which are much more tasty and satisfying. If you liked the McDonaldland Cookies as a kid, go for the Elfin Crackers, they are very similar in flavor.
JohnMeador, WV

These taste so bland.

Look, each pack contains two servings of 120 cal each, yet those servings serve up exactly zero taste. They should make it one serving of the same number of calories but inject some taste. They taste like someone forgot 1) salt and 2)sugar. Wow. Super bad.
TraceeDeer Trail, CO


not what i expected.. I tried vanilla version at my neighbour’s – they were soft and nice.. but they were also in a bigger bag (8 oz or so). These cookies (oatmeal) come in small pouches (2 oz or so) and they are stone hard, too salty, no taste appeal whatsoever. The same I can say for the chocolate version. Nobody in our family wants a bite of them – waste of money.
GaynelleDuarte, CA

delicious cruelty-free crackers!

these are the best animal crackers i’ve ever tasted! the chocolate simply adds to the deliciousness. they taste like mini-cookies. they are vegan and thus cruelty-free! organic and yummy. what more can be asked of an animal cracker!
NakiaSweet Valley, PA

These are the best!

These cookies are the best animal cookies in the world and hard to find at the store so getting them delivered for free every month is amazing!
MarianelaRedkey, IN


These are really delicious cookies and they are far healthier than most of the junk in the stores. They are full of all natural ingredients, no high fructose or additives here. I gave a couple of bags to my uncle who was eating one of the name brand chocolate chip cookies (ahoy matey) and he’s switching brands. I haven’t tried any of the other flavors but as an adult who loves chocolate I can tell you that these are very yummy.
RachelCadet, MO

Tasty Cookies

Very good product. They are a tasty animal cookie with just the right sweetness. This is an easy way to satisfy a “sweet tooth” without the guilt of eating something heavy.
NievesHillview, KY

crunchy giraffes

All of the Snackimals varieties are a treat — crunchy, satisfying, and fun to eat. I like the Wheat-Free variety best, but vanilla is a close second. Just be aware that the snack-sized bags are actually two-servings (for those conscious of sugar/cal intake), so don’t forget to share and make those around you feel like kids too!
KasandraMount Zion, WV

These are very good cookies.

These cookies are very good. They have a nice texture because of the oats and they have a great taste. They are my favorite cookie. If you like oats, you likely will enjoy these cookies.
SammieOceanville, NJ


These cookies are delicious and do not contain all the additives you don’t want in your body.
EstellBushkill, PA